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  • Information and Communication Technology Facilities and Services RuleUsers of UNE's ICT facilities and services must understand their responsibilities associated with their access and be accountable for the way they use these facilities and services. This Rule sets out the principles that guide the user and their access to these services. It does not seek to identify common or statutory law requirements and reference must be made to associated legislation and UNE rules, policies, protocols and procedures for guidance.
  • Information and Communications Infrastructure RuleThe University provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities and services to University Representatives, Students and Approved Users and Entities to support their work and study. While being aware of the positive outcome of this support, the University is committed to ensuring that its ICT infrastructure is secure and is managed consistently and in accordance with relevant legislation and UNE rules, policies and procedures.
  • Information Security RuleThe purpose of this policy is to ensure:

    - The provision of reliable and uninterrupted IT services;
    - The integrity and validity of data;
    - An ability to recover effectively and efficiently from disruption; and
    - The protection of all the University's IT assets including data, software and hardware.
  • Intellectual Freedom StatementIntellectual freedom is the freedom to conduct research, teach, learn, speak, and publish, subject to the norms and standards of scholarly inquiry, without interference or penalty, wherever the search for truth and understanding may lead. The University upholds this freedom as a fundamental principle to be applied in decision making, within the limits of the University's resources. It reflects the University's commitment to free and responsible enquiry as essential to the conduct of a free and democratic society and to the quest for intellectual, moral and material advancement through informed comment and debate.
  • Intensive Schools Guidelines for Unit CoordinatorsThese Guidelines provide advice to Unit Coordinators in planning, organising and running intensive schools. These Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Intensive Schools Policy.
  • Intensive Schools PolicyThis Policy sets out parameters for defining, planning and conducting Intensive Schools for units and courses, in order to ensure consistency and minimum standards in approach across the University, and to ensure that Intensive Schools will add value to the student experience.
  • International Student Transfer ProceduresInternational Student Transfer Between Registered Providers or Locations Procedure
  • International Student Transfer RuleInternational Student Transfer Rule
  • IT Server Room Access ProceduresThis procedure outlines the processes to be followed when granting or revoking access to the ITD Server Rooms. The procedure also covers the responsibilities and requirements for University Representatives when accessing the University's ITD Server Rooms.