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  • HDR - Avoiding Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct (Higher Degree Research) GuidelineA guideline for Higher Degree Research students on avoiding plagiarism and academic misconduct.
  • HDR - Chancellor's Doctoral Research Medal ProceduresChancellor's Doctoral Research Medals provides a mechanism for the University to recognise student achievement in research and raise the profile of the research being successfully undertaken. These procedures outline the basis for awarding of Chancellor's Doctoral Research Medals, and should be read in conjunction with the University Medals Policy.
  • HDR - Conferring Awards Posthumously - Higher Degree Research Policy(Expired)The purpose of this policy is to provide for the posthumous conferral of higher degree research awards.
  • HDR - Confirmation of Candidature ProceduresThe Confirmation of Candidature procedures provide the rigorous processes that are essential for the maintenance of academic quality and integrity in the University's operations, and that reflect the University's values of providing a formative, respectful, inclusive, flexible and innovative environment for the delivery of high-quality research training for its students.
  • HDR - Encumbrances ProcedureThese procedures are for managing situations where sponsors of HDR candidates fail to pay tuition fees, or other monies, to UNE on behalf of the HDR candidate, as agreed between the sponsor organisation and UNE.
  • HDR - Extensions to Research Student Candidature PolicyExtensions to Research Student Candidature
  • HDR - Graduate Research Training Quality Management RuleThe purpose of this Rule is to describe the University's integrated approach to assuring the quality of its Higher Degree Research (HDR) training across the entire research training enterprise, encompassing systematic monitoring, cyclic review and implementation of improvements. It is the overall framework within which best possible quality research training outcomes for HDR students are pursued and maintained.
  • HDR - Higher Degree Research Candidature RuleThe Higher Degree Research (HDR) Candidature Rule provides generic rules for HDR candidature for matters not covered in specific course rules, or in other academic rules or policies.
  • HDR - Higher Degree Research Program Approval ProcedureThese procedures provide detail around the operationalisation of the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Program Approval Rule and the Research Training Quality Management Rule to streamline the approval of HDR programs.
  • HDR - Higher Degree Research Program Approval RuleThe Higher Degree Research (HDR) Program Approval Rule provides a framework for approval of all Higher Degree by Research programs offered by the University. This Rule is designed to ensure quality academic programs that are aligned with the objectives of the University's Research Plan to deliver excellent research training. This Rule applies to the development of new HDR courses, amendments to existing HDR courses and withdrawal of HDR courses.
  • HDR - Higher Degree Research Show Cause PolicyThe Higher Degree Research (HDR) Show Cause Policy and Procedures provide the framework with which to manage HDR candidature where an HDR student is believed to have made insufficient academic progress in their higher degree studies. This policy outlines the formal process required in inviting an HDR student to show cause as to why their candidature should be continued.
  • HDR - Higher Degree Research Show Cause ProceduresThese procedures apply to Higher Degree Research (HDR) students who fail to make sufficient academic progress as outlined in the HDR Show Cause Policy.
  • HDR - Higher Degree Research Student Responsible Research Conduct PolicyThis policy supports the University's commitment to maintaining a strong research culture based on integrity and professional conduct. Integral to this is the requirement that UNE's research trainees, including HDR students, meet universal standards of academic and research integrity by avoiding plagiarism, other forms of academic misconduct and research misconduct.
  • HDR - Higher Degree Research Thesis by Publication guidelineThe purpose of these guidelines is to provide information to assist higher degree research (HDR) candidates in the preparation of a thesis that includes published or co-published material prepared during candidature.
  • HDR - Journal Article Format for PhD Theses at UNE GuidelineJournal Article Format for PhD Theses at UNE Guideline
  • HDR - Minimum Facilities for UNE Higher Degree Research Students GuidelinesThese guidelines provide advice to Schools to assist in the implementation of minimum facilities for Higher Degree Research Students. The Graduate Research Subcommittee recommends the following:

    - That each School have a minimum facilities policy that is published, and readily available to HDR candidates in the School;
    - That HDR candidates are provided with clear instructions about how to access the resources; and
    - That research supervisors ensure that HDR candidates are aware of resources available to them, and these are documented as part of the supervisor agreement.
  • HDR - Registration of Research Higher Degree Supervisors ProceduresThese procedures outline a process for establishing and maintaining a register of:

    - experienced and skilled supervisors; and
    - new supervisors who do not yet meet all criteria for full registration.
  • HDR - Research Activity and Publication for Higher Degree Research Supervisors GuidelinesThis document provides a general set of guidelines as to what minimum research and publication activity is required of staff who undertake the role of Principal HDR Supervisor at UNE.
  • HDR - Unsatisfactory HDR Progress Report ProceduresThis document outlines the procedure to be followed when an HDR Candidate submits an unsatisfactory HDR Progress Report.
  • HDR Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship PolicyThe UNE Research Training Program Scholarship Policy outlines the rules and requirements of the Commonwealth Government's Research Training Program scholarships.
  • Honorary Appointments ProceduresHonorary Appointments Procedures
  • Honorary Titles and Awards ProcedureThese procedures provide guidance and direction in relation to the development of nomination material for consideration by the University's Honorary Degrees, Titles and Tributes Committee, a Committee of the UNE Council. The procedures also provide a consistent framework for operationalising administrative actions and notifying recipients of honorary titles and awards.
  • Honorary Titles and Awards RuleThe University's teaching, research and associated academic endeavours are enriched by its relationships with former staff, with members of its alumni, as well as its wider academic and locational community, and with individuals of distinction who by their achievements in their field have enhanced and strengthened the University's reputation nationally and internationally. This Rule provides for the award of honorary titles and awards to acknowledge those connections and their contributions, and outlines the privileges that are attributed to the awards of honorary titles of the University.
  • Human Anatomy PolicyThis policy provides a framework for the management and utilisation of the University's Anatomy Facility and its Dissection Room as well as UNE's requirements in respect to the receipt, handling, storage and disposal of donated cadavers.
  • Human Anatomy ProceduresThese procedures are intended to operationalise the associated UNE Human Anatomy Policy and provide instruction regarding the management and utilization of the University of New England (UNE) Anatomy Facility. The procedures also outline UNE's requirements in respect to the receipt, handling, storage and disposal of donated bodies. This includes bodies and parts of bodies, donated directly to UNE as well as those procured by UNE from other universities.