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  • Elite Athlete, Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserve and Emergency Services Volunteer Students ProceduresThe University supports students who are formally recognised elite athletes, or who are members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserves and/or an Emergency Services Volunteer and provides strategies that ensure that they are not unduly disadvantaged academically or financially as a consequence of their participation in these activities.
  • Email Operating ProceduresThis procedure outlines the conditions of use of the University's email service. This service is provided to University Representatives, Students and Approved Affiliates to support teaching, learning, research and administrative activities.
  • Emergency Management PlanThe University of New England has developed an Emergency Management Plan (EMP) for all UNE controlled sites. This plan will provide for the safety of occupants and visitors, in the event of an emergency incident. An emergency incident is an event that directly and significantly threatens life or
  • Employment of Close Relatives and Other Close Associates PolicyThe purpose of this policy is to set out the University's position on staff members who are in a Close Personal Relationship.
  • Employment of Close Relatives and Other Close Associates ProceduresThese procedures provide guidance on the application of the Employment of Close Relatives and Other Close Associates Policy.
  • Energy Management PolicyThe Energy Management Policy outlines the University's commitment to the effective use of Energy in the pursuit of its strategic goals.
  • English Language Requirements for Admission RuleThis Rule establishes the University's English language requirements for admission, irrespective of the study location or study mode, for all students admitted to a UNE award or non-award unit, consistent with the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the Provider Course Accreditation Standards under the Higher Education Standards Framework.
  • English Language Requirements Higher than the University Minimum Requirement AnnexThis Annex provides a statement of the English language requirements for admission to courses that have identified the need for a higher English language entry standard than that established as the minimum University requirement in the English Language Requirements for Admission Rule.
  • Environment and Sustainability PolicyThis policy statement will provide a broad framework for guiding environmentally responsible and sustainable practices and outlines, in general terms, the commitment of UNE to the concept of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD). The specific guidelines and procedures developed within this framework will form an integral part of the management practices in all areas and at all levels within the University.
  • Equity and Diversity Rule This Rule provides an overarching statement of the University of New England's commitment to equity and diversity for UNE Representatives, Students, and the wider community. It articulates the University's commitment to providing an accessible and inclusive learning and work environment free from discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation and vilification.