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  • Reconciliation StatementAs a University community, UNE desires a future where all Australians enjoy their rights, accept their responsibilities, and have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. UNE, in making this statement on reconciliation, recognises the role that higher education institutions have in overcoming some of the disadvantage arising from the European occupation of Australia and the subsequent dispossession of the land of Indigenous Australians.
  • Records Management ProceduresThis document provides information to support the operationalisation of the Records Management Rule
  • Records Management RuleThis Rule provides the basis for the management of University records in compliance with the State Records Act 1998 (NSW) and the legislative instruments issued under it by NSW State Records. This is achieved via a University-wide records management program to manage records throughout their lifecycle - from the design of recordkeeping systems, to the creation and capture of records, to records destruction or permanent retention as State Archives.
  • Redeployment ProcedureThis procedure supports the process for redeployment and applies only to those staff who have an entitlement to redeployment provided for in their terms and conditions of employment.
  • Remuneration and Working Arrangements PolicyThis policy applies to all continuing and fixed term staff of the University with the exception of those staff employed under the common law contracts. The University aims to provide attractive conditions of employment for its staff, in terms of work environment, salary, non-salary benefits and other employment conditions to attract and retain outstanding staff.
  • Rescission of an Award/Correction of an Award ProcedureThis document establishes procedures to rescind and award and to correct an award when details are incorrect.
  • Research Related Complaints and Allegations ProceduresThese procedures are for the guidance of the staff of the University of New England in the implementation of the UNE Code of Conduct for Research Rule. They should be read in conjunction with that Rule, the relevant staff enterprise agreement or equivalent contract for staff-related matters, the Higher Degree Research Student Responsible Research Conduct Rule, and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2007 (ACRCR).
  • Research Support Contribution Policy for all Research Projects (excluding CRC funded projects) Which do not Contribute to the Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG)(Expired)Research Support Contribution Policy for all Research Projects (excluding CRC funded projects) Which do not Contrubute to the Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG)
  • Research UNE Deposit, Collection and Access ProceduresThese Procedures provide guidance for staff and students of the University in the implementation of the e-publications@UNE Deposit, Collection and Access Rule.
  • Research UNE Deposit, Collection and Access RuleThe purpose of e-publications@UNE is to acquire, store, make discoverable, and make accessible where possible, all the research outputs of the University of New England, including material identified as submitted research outputs in the Open Access to UNE Research Publications and Data Policy.
  • Residential College Code of ConductThis Code outlines the principles, expectations and rules for the conduct of all College Members at the University of New England (UNE). College Members agree to abide by this Code when entering into an accommodation agreement with the Colleges.
  • Return to Work PolicyThe University is committed to assisting staff members achieve a safe return to work after periods of illness or injury, in a way that will facilitate their best possible recovery. The management of injury or illness in the workplace is regarded as an important part of a Supervisor's responsibilities. This policy should be read in conjunction with the Long Term Sick Leave Policy, the Workers Compensation Policy and the Medical Retirement Policy.
  • Role and Function of Council PolicyThis policy outlines the underlying principles and key features of Council's role in the governance framework of the University.