Discussion Board

The Discussion Board

The Discussion Board provides a venue for the University to actively seek out feedback and response to new ideas, issues, or documents. The items listed on the Discussion Board are intended to generate discussion, and they may take the form of surveys/questionnaires to be completed online, or a draft document for feedback. Draft policy documents available for comment, are not listed at this venue. If you wish to comment on a draft policy document, please do so via the Bulletin Board.

Items listed in the table below are currently available for discussion and feedback. Please note that a Protected Document may appear before some Discussion Board items. Where that occurs, the item’s content is only available to members of a small reference group and accessed via a unique password (provided to members by the individual coordinating feedback responses).

We look forward to your feedback and thank you for considering the items currently available for discussion.


Document Title Date Due for Comment Feedback Coordination
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