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Energy Management Policy

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) The University of New England recognizes its responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and to ensure the sustainability of its operations. The University therefore commits to a policy of effective use of Energy in the pursuit of its strategic goals.

(2) (In this context "Energy" includes all Utilities used in the University's activities.)

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Section 2 - Policy

(3) New Construction and Refurbishment of existing Buildings will comply with the Energy Performances/ Efficiencies called for in the University's Design Standards. These Standards will be reviewed periodically to ensure that current practices and trends are contained therein.

(4) The core operating hours for the University will be 8.00 am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. During these hours full Heating, Ventilation and Lighting services will be maintained. These services will set-back or turn off outside these hours.

(5) Special use areas, such as Sport UNE facilities, Dixson Library, Glasshouses, 24 Computer Laboratories, Animal rooms etc. will retain full services for published operating hours.

(6) Out of hours services for Intensive Schools and other published events will be addressed through changes to time schedules for the duration of the School/ event.

(7) Out of hours services for Conferences, Functions, Lectures etc will be addressed upon request to Estate and Built Environment.

(8) Residential Colleges will remain on full 24 hour service.

(9) A procedure will be in place, administered by Estate and Built Environment, that will address requests for heating in specific areas outside of core hours.

(10) Where Energy Management software for office equipment is endorsed by Technology and Digital Services, such software shall be enabled on all affected equipment.

(11) Purchasing and Equipment Leasing documentation will require minimum levels of Energy Efficiency. These levels are detailed in the University Design Standards.

(12) Electric Heating and stand alone Air Conditioning units will be a last choice option to meet comfort needs. Any such purchases will only be made by Estate and Built Environment.

(13) All University buildings will be metered to record energy usage.

(14) Through its website, and such other means as are appropriate, Estate and Built Environment, will keep the University appraised of energy usage on campus.