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e-publications at UNE Deposit, Collection and Access Rule

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) The purpose of e-publications@UNE is to acquire, store, make discoverable, and make accessible where possible, all the research outputs of the University of New England, including material identified as submitted research outputs in the Open Access to UNE Research Publications and Data Policy.

(2) e-publications@UNE provides a stable, secure and long term archive for the research outputs of UNE Authors. Compliance with this Rule enables UNE Authors and the University to meet the requirements of government agencies and research funding bodies for responsible reporting of research outputs of the University.

(3) This Rule governs the deposit and management of research outputs in e-publications@UNE. This Rule defines the deposit principles and content of e-publications@UNE, and provides a framework against which deposit, collection and access decisions may be made.

(4) This Rule must be read in conjunction with the e-publications@UNE Deposit, Collection and Access Procedures, which support this Rule, and the Open Access to UNE Research Publications and Data Policy.

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Section 2 - Scope

(5) This Rule applies to all individuals associated with the University, and working and/or publishing under the auspices of the University of New England. This includes employees, emeriti, adjunct and honorary appointments, research students and postdoctoral fellows. In this Rule, these individuals are referred to as the UNE Author.

(6) This Rule applies to all material which represents the research and scholarly output of the University.

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Section 3 - Rule


(7) UNE Authors are required to submit their research outputs to e-publications@UNE under the terms of this Rule, including the Deposit Licence.

(8) e-publications@UNE will include research and scholarly material that satisfies at least one of the following criteria:

  1. material required by a government agency or research funding body for deposit and/or reporting in an institutional repository;
  2. research outputs produced by UNE Authors, including non-traditional research outputs;
  3. material forming the whole or part of work examined and accepted for the award of a University of New England Higher Degree by Research.

Terms of Deposit

(9) UNE Authors submitting a research output to e-publications@UNE will agree to the terms stated in the Deposit Licence.

The Deposit Licence

(10) By submitting a research output to e-publications@UNE, I:

  1. assert that I am a UNE Author or am authorised to submit the material on behalf of a UNE Author under the terms of this Licence;
  2. confirm that I have exercised reasonable care to ensure that the material is original, and does not, to the best of my knowledge, breach any laws including defamation, libel and copyright;
  3. grant UNE the right to include the material in e-publications@UNE and to electronically store, copy or translate the material to any medium or format for the purpose of future preservation and accessibility; and
  4. acknowledge that deposit of research outputs into e-publications@UNE does not transfer copyright to the University.

(11) The University, through e-publications@UNE:

  1. will ensure that all authors are identified with their research output;
  2. will not alter submitted material except as allowed under this Rule;
  3. is not responsible for any mistakes, omissions or legal infringements within the submitted material;
  4. will make research outputs accessible under the terms of the Open Access to UNE Research Publications and Data Policy;
  5. has no obligation to take legal action on behalf of a UNE Author or other rights holder in the event of any alleged breach of any rights in the submitted material; and
  6. may remove material from e-publications@UNE should there be a dispute about its ownership or intellectual property rights or for any other reason which may affect the integrity of e-publications@UNE.

Quality Assurance

(12) Success of this Rule will be demonstrated by:

  1. an increase in the number of research outputs of the University recorded in e-publications@UNE.
  2. an increase in accesses to UNE research outputs in e-publications@UNE.
  3. satisfactory reporting of UNE research outputs in response to University and government or research funding body requirements.


(13) The University Librarian or delegate is responsible for overseeing the operation and technical standards of e-publications@UNE.

(14) UNE Authors are responsible for ensuring the quality and accuracy of all data they submit to e-publications@UNE.


(15) e-publications@UNE is subject to the University of New England's website "Disclaimer" notices including the "Copyright Takedown Notice" form.

(16) Non-compliance with this Rule may result in action being taken in accordance with the University Code of Conduct for Research.

Authority and Compliance

(17) The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, in consultation with the University Legal Office, the Copyright Officer and University Librarian, and where appropriate the relevant Head of School, will be responsible for:

  1. interpreting this Rule;
  2. resolving disputes concerning its interpretation and application;
  3. making decisions regarding exceptions; and
  4. recommending changes to this Rule from time to time.

(18) The Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer, pursuant to Section 29 of the University of New England Act, makes this University Rule.

(19) University Representatives must observe it in relation to University matters.

(20) The Rule Administrator is authorised to make procedures and guidelines for the operation of this University Rule. The procedures and guidelines must be compatible with the provisions of this Rule.

(21) This Rule operates as and from the Effective Date.

(22) Previous policy on e-publications at UNE Deposit, Collections and Access and related documents are replaced and have no further operation from the Effective Date of this new Rule.

(23) Notwithstanding the other provisions of this University Rule, the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer may approve an exception to this Rule where the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer determines the application of the Rule would otherwise lead to an unfair, unreasonable or absurd outcome. Approvals by the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer under this clause must be documented in writing and must state the reason for the exception.

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Section 4 - Definitions

(24) A UNE Author is an individual associated with the University of New England, and publishing under the auspices of the University, including employees, emeriti, adjunct and honorary appointments, research students and postdoctoral fellows.

(25) Deposit Licence is the licence between the UNE Author and the University by which research outputs are deposited in e-publications@UNE.

(26) e-publications@UNE is the institutional repository for the research outputs of UNE, governed by the e-publications@UNE Deposit, Collection and Access Rule.

(27) Effective Date is the date on which this Rule will take effect.

(28) Non-traditional research outputs are research outputs which do not take the form of published books, book chapters, journal articles or conference publications, including but not limited to, original creative works, live performance of creative works, recorded/rendered creative works, curated or produced substantial public exhibitions and events.

(29) Research funding bodies are public or private organisations in Australia and internationally, which fund research.

(30) Research outputs means scholarly and research literature, including articles, conference papers, and selected creative works created by a UNE author.

(31) Rule Administrator is the the Vice-Chancellor or delegate.

(31) Student - means an Admitted Student or an Enrolled Student, at the relevant time.

  1. Admitted Student means a student who has been admitted to a UNE course of study and who is either entitled to enrol in a unit of study or who has completed all of the units in the UNE course of study.
  2. Enrolled Student means a student who is enrolled in a unit of study at UNE.

(32) The Copyright Act 1968 identifies categories of material that receive copyright protection, including literary, artistic, dramatic and musical works, sound recordings, cinematograph films, television and sound broadcasts and published editions of works. This protection governs those who wish to make, use, sell, import, export, reproduce, adapt and disseminate such material. The Act also provides for other rights and exceptions.

(33) University Representative means a University employee (casual, fixed term and permanent) contractor, agent, appointee, UNE Council member, adjunct, visiting academic and any other person engaged by the University to undertake some activity for or on behalf of the University. It includes corporations and other bodies falling into one or more of these categories

(34) UNE Act means the University of New England Act 1993 No 68 (NSW).