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Staff Email Signatures and the Use of Non-University Logos Policy

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Section 1 - Overview and Scope

(1) The University of New England recognises the importance of supporting staff members' engagement with various causes and initiatives. This policy aims to provide guidelines for the inclusion of non-university logos in staff email signatures to showcase their support for specific causes.

(2) This policy aims to facilitate a fair and transparent process for the approval of non-university logos while upholding the University's brand, values and professional environment.

(3) This policy applies to all staff members employed by the University of New England who wish to include non-official University of New England logos in their email signatures.

(4) Within this policy:

  1. Part A covers the principles of the policy;
  2. Part B covers approval of non-university logos;
  3. Part C covers the register for approved non-university logos;
  4. Part D covers non-University logo placement and formatting; and
  5. Part E covers non-University logo content and representation.
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Section 2 - Policy

Part A - Policy principles

(5) By allowing staff members to incorporate external logos in their email signatures, the University promotes diversity, inclusivity, and individual expression while maintaining professional standards.

Part B - Approval of Non-University Logos

(6) Staff members interested in using non-university logos in their email signatures, which have not yet received approval and are listed in the register of approved logos for email signatures, must submit a proposal in writing to the Executive Principal Brand, Partnerships and Business Development.

(7) To seek approval, staff members should submit a written request of no more than 200 words detailing the cause or initiative they wish to support and provide a digital copy of the logo to be included.

(8) Requests for logo inclusion will be reviewed based on alignment with the University's brand, values and compliance with legal and ethical considerations and a then a recommendation will be made to the Vice-Chancellor.

Part C - Register of Approved Logos for Email Signatures

(9) The University will maintain a register of logos that have been approved by the Vice-Chancellor or the Executive Principal Brand, Partnerships and Business Development for use in staff email signatures.

(10) The register of approved logos will be made available on the UNE Brand toolkit on the UNE staff website.

(11) The University of New England reserves the right to cap the number of approved logos for inclusion in the register of approved logos for email signatures.

(12) University staff are free to include a logo from the register in their email signatures as per the formatting specifications in this policy without seeking special approval.

Part D -  Logo Placement and Formatting

(13) Approved logos must be placed in the designated section of the email signature as indicated in the UNE Brand Toolkit. No deviation from this format is permitted.

(14) Logos should be appropriately sized as per the provided style guide in the Brand Toolkit, ensuring they do not dominate the overall signature layout and maintain visual clarity.

(15) All other details in the email signature should follow the branding guidelines, including font styles, colours, content and formatting.

Part E -  Logo Content and Representation

(16) Non-university logos should reflect causes, initiatives, or organizations that align with the brand, values and principles of the University of New England.

(17) Logos promoting political, controversial or commercial organisations or those that may contradict the University's commitment to inclusivity, diversity, or non-discrimination will not be approved.

(18) Staff members are responsible for verifying the legitimacy and credibility of external logos and ensuring they accurately represent the intended cause or organization.

(19) Staff members are responsible for adhering to this policy and ensuring their email signatures only use non-University logos that are included in the register of approved non-university logos.

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Section 3 - Authority and Compliance


(20) The Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer, pursuant to Section 29 of the University of New England Act 1993 (NSW), makes this University policy.

(21) The Policy Steward, Executive Principal, Brand Partnerships and Business Development, is authorised to make procedures, that are consistent with this policy, for the operation of this policy.

(22) The University of New England reserves the right to remove non-university logos from staff email signatures if they are found to be in violation of this policy or present potential harm to the University's reputation.


(23) UNE Representatives must observe this policy in relation to the inclusion of non-university logos in staff email signatures. Matters of non-compliance may be a breach of the Code of Conduct and may be addressed under the disciplinary provisions of UNE’s Enterprise Agreement.

(24) This policy is consistent with the UNE’s Enterprise Agreement. Further information regarding compliance obligations is available via the Compliance Register

(25) This policy operates as and from the Effective Date. 

(26) Notwithstanding the other provisions of this policy, the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer may approve an exception to this policy where the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer determines the application of this policy would otherwise lead to an unfair, unreasonable or absurd outcome.  Approvals by the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer under this clause must be documented in writing and must state the reason for the exception.

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Section 4 - Quality Assurance

(27) Approved non-university logos in staff email signatures will be reviewed annually or as deemed necessary by University Administration.