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Appointment of Acting Vice-Chancellor Rule

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) The appointment of the Vice-Chancellor is a matter for the Council of the University.

(2) From time to time the incumbent Vice-Chancellor may be unavailable for a short period of time, and an Acting Vice-Chancellor should be appointed. By this Rule the Council authorises a process for the Vice-Chancellor to appoint an Acting Vice-Chancellor, subject to the limitations stated in this rule.

Section 2 - Scope

(3) This Rule relates to the office of Vice-Chancellor and applies where there is an incumbent Vice-Chancellor who is unavailable for a short period of time. It does not apply where the office of Vice-Chancellor is vacant or where the Vice-Chancellor is unavailable for an extended period.

Section 3 - Rule

(4) This rule applies where the Vice-Chancellor determines that he/she is, or is likely to be, unavailable to perform the role of Vice-Chancellor for period not exceeding one month. This includes circumstances where the Vice-Chancellor is on leave or is travelling.

(5) Where this rule applies the Vice-Chancellor may decide to appoint a person as Acting Vice-Chancellor, subject to the following:

  1. The person appointed as Acting Vice-Chancellor must be a member of the Senior Executive of the University; and
  2. The person may be appointed for a specified period of time not exceeding one month.

(6) The Vice-Chancellor must confirm the appointment in writing (hardcopy or electronic).

(7) The Vice-Chancellor may cancel the appointment at any time, notwithstanding that the appointee may have been appointed for a specified period.

(8) A person appointed as Acting Vice-Chancellor under this rule has all of the functions and powers of the Vice-Chancellor, subject to rule 9. The Acting Vice-Chancellor holds these functions and powers jointly with the Vice-Chancellor.

(9) The Vice-Chancellor retains the power to change, overrule or rescind any of the decisions or actions of the Acting Vice-Chancellor, and may do so during or after the period in which the appointee is Acting Vice-Chancellor.

(10) The Vice-Chancellor must notify the Council and University Secretary of all such appointments, and the University Secretary must keep a record of the appointments.

(11) The Council reserves the right to cancel any appointments made under this rule.


(12) This Rule takes effect as a rule of Council pursuant to Section 25 of the By-law.

(13) To the extent this Rule conflicts with the Act or By-law, the Act or By-law prevails to the extent of the conflict and this Rule must be read down accordingly.

(14) This rule operates as a delegation by Council under Section 17 of the Act.

Section 4 - Definitions

(15) Act means the University of New England Act 1993 (NSW).

(16) By-law means the University of New England By-law 2005 (NSW).

(17) Council means the Council of the University of New England.

(18) Senior Executive means the Vice-Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor's direct reports, excluding persons director level and below.

(19) Vice-Chancellor means the Vice-Chancellor referred to in Section 12 of the Act.

(20) University means the University of New England.