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UNE Council Charter - Annexure 3 - Appointment of Vice-Chancellor and Acting Vice-Chancellor

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Section 1 - Appointment of the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer

(1) The appointment of the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer (VC&CEO) is a matter for the Council of the University.

  1. Whenever a vacancy occurs in the office of Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer, the Council is to appoint a person (whether or not a member of the Council) to be the VC&CEO of the University.
  2. The VC&CEO holds office for such period, and on such conditions, as the Council determines.
  3. The VC&CEO of the University and has the functions conferred or imposed on the Vice-Chancellor by or under this or any other Act.

(2) The appointment of the VC&CEO is guided by the Council appointments process (see Council Charter and University of New England By-Law 2005 (NSW) [Part 3 Division 3 Clause 15](UNE By-law).

  1. The Council establishes a special nominations committee to oversight the VC&CEO appointment process, termed the VC Selection Committee.
    1. That Committee has the authority on behalf of Council to conduct the recruitment process for the VC&CEO and matters incident to this process.
      1. The Committee will prepare selection criteria for the approval by Council.
      2. The Committee will report and make recommendations to Council regarding persons suitable for appointment.
      3. Council will make the final decision on the appointment of the VC&CEO.
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Section 2 - Appointment of an Acting Vice-Chancellor

Appointment of an Acting Vice-Chancellor by the Vice-Chancellor by the authority of the Council.

(3) From time to time the incumbent VC&CEO may be unavailable for a short period of time, and an Acting VC&CEO should be appointed.

(4) By this Annexure the Council authorises a process for the VC&CEO to appoint an Acting VC&CEO, subject to the limitations stated in this Annexure.

(5) This Annexure relates to the office of VC&CEO and applies where there is an incumbent VC&CEO who is unavailable for a short period of time. It does not apply where the office of VC&CEO is vacant or where the VC&CEO is unavailable for an extended period.

(6) This Annexure applies where the VC&CEO determines that they are, or are likely to be, unavailable to perform the role of VC&CEO for a period not exceeding one month. This includes circumstances where the VC&CEO is on leave or is traveling.

(7) Where this Annexure applies the VC&CEO may decide to appoint a person as Acting VC&CEO, subject to the following:

  1. the person appointed as Acting VC&CEO must be a member of the Senior Executive of the University; and
  2. the person may be appointed for a specified period of time not exceeding one month.

(8) The VC&CEO must confirm the appointment in writing (hardcopy or electronic).

(9) The VC&CEO may cancel the appointment at any time, notwithstanding that the appointee may have been appointed for a specified period.

(10) A person appointed as Acting VC&CEO under this Annexure has all of the functions and powers of the VC&CEO, subject to Clause 11. The Acting VC&CEO holds these functions and powers jointly with the VC&CEO.

(11) The VC&CEO retains the power to change, overrule or rescind any of the decisions or actions of the Acting VC&CEO, and may do so during or after the period in which the appointee is Acting VC&CEO.

(12) The VC&CEO must notify the Council and University Secretary of all such appointments, and the University Secretary must keep a record of the appointments.

(13) The Council reserves the right to cancel any appointments made under this Annexure.

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Section 3 - General

(14) This Annexure takes effect as a Rule of Council pursuant to Section 25 of the University of New England By-law 2005 (NSW) (UNE By-law).

(15) To the extent this Annexure conflicts with the UNE Act or UNE By-law, the UNE Act or UNE By-law prevails to the extent of the conflict and this Annexure must be read down accordingly.

(16) This Annexure operates as a delegation by Council under Section 17 of the UNE Act.