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Authority Retained by Council Rule

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) This Rule sets out the matters on which authority is retained by the Council (and not delegated under Section 17 of the UNE Act 1993 (NSW). Delegated authority has been granted by Council to various committees and individuals and is contained in the following documents:

  1. UNE Governance Framework.
  2. Functions of the Vice-Chancellor Rule.
  3. Council Committee Terms of Reference
    1. Standing Committee of Council.
    2. Remuneration Committee.
    3. Audit and Risk Committee.
    4. Finance and Infrastructure Committee.
    5. Innovation and Development Committee.
  4. Academic Board Terms of Reference (which includes Annex A: Academic Board Standing Committee Terms of Reference).
  5. Academic Board Committees Terms of Reference.
    1. Research Committee (which includes Annex A: Graduate Research Subcommittee and Annex A: Graduate Research Examinations Board Terms of Reference).
    2. Teaching and Learning Committee.
    3. Curriculum Committee.
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Section 2 - Scope

(2) This Rule applies to the Council and the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer.

(3) As the governing body of the University, the Council may directly exercise any of its functions including those that have been delegated.

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Section 3 - Rule

(4) The matters on which Authority is Retained by Council are as follows: (Click here for Schedule).


(5) The Comment column contains any additional explanation of the item itself or the process underlying the provision of advice to Council on the item.

(6) The Terms of Reference of all Council Committees were adopted by resolution of Council on 11 June 1998 are regularly reviewed by Council and its Committees and are available on the UNE website.