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Terms of Reference (Vice-Chancellor approved) - Strategic Initiatives Portfolio Committee

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Section 1 - Establishment of the Committee

(1) The Strategic Initiatives Portfolio Committee (SPIC) is established as a Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer (VC&CEO) committee and is delegated the functions set out in this Terms of Reference in relation to the Strategic Investment Portfolio. It is an advisory committee of the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer.

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Section 2 - Objectives

(2) The objectives of the Strategic Initiatives Portfolio Committee are to provide oversight and assurance of the strategic initiatives portfolio by:

  1. advising the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer on the design, selection, prioritisation and monitoring of Strategic Initiatives Portfolio that enable realisation of the University strategy; and
  2. receiving updates and advice on matters supporting the achievement of the Strategic Initiative Portfolio of works (programs and projects) and their strategic objectives including alignment of initiatives to the University strategy, risks and realisation of strategic benefits.
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Section 3 - Membership

(3) The members of the Strategic Initiatives Portfolio Committee are as follows:

  1. Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer (Chair, and Strategic Investment Portfolio Sponsor)
  2. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC)
  3. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research (DVCR)
  4. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  5. Chief Operating Officer (COO)

In attendance

(4) Official attendees of the Committee are:

  1. Director Governance and University Secretary (DGUS)
  2. Chief of Staff (CoS)
  3. Director Corporate Communications and Events
  4. Director, Office of Strategic Management
  5. Director of Strategic Initiatives


(5) Where a member is unable to attend a meeting they may nominate a delegate. The nomination of the delegate must be approved by the Chair.

(6) Delegates have the same rights and responsibilities as the member for whom they are delegate, for the period of the delegation.

(7) All delegations must be noted in the minutes for each meeting.

Deputy Chair

(8) The Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer will appoint a Deputy Chair from among the members of the Committee.

(9) The Deputy Chair will act as Chair if the Chair in unavailable. If both the Chair and Deputy Chair are unavailable, the Committee members will elect a Chair to act during the period that both the Chair and Deputy Chair are unavailable.

Appointment of members

(10) Additional members may be appointed by the Chair, for the period determined by the Chair.

Gender Representation 

(11) Gender representation will be in accordance with the Gender Representation on Decision Making and Advisory Committees Policy.

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Section 4 - Functions

(12) The functions of the Strategic Initiatives Portfolio Committee are:

  1. Endorsement functions – to endorse to the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer
    1. Endorse the strategic portfolio plan.
    2. Endorse the prioritisation, continuation or closure of initiatives as required to meet strategic goals.
  2. Monitoring functions
    1. Monitor the alignment of strategic programs and projects with the objectives and initiatives of the ‘Future Fit’ strategy and related risks to support realisation of strategic benefits.
    2. Monitor the strategic portfolio plan, ensuring all programs and projects are governed and managed in accordance with proportionate investment, risk and return to the University. 
    3. Monitor the management of interdependencies and resource contention across initiatives within the strategic investment portfolio.
    4. Monitor significant strategic investment portfolio risks.
    5. Monitor the strategic investment portfolio financials in accordance with approved budget.
  3. Evaluation functions
    1. Evaluate significant strategic investment portfolio risks.
    2. Evaluate proposed initiatives within the strategic investment portfolio.
  4. Advisory functions
    1. to provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer on all endorsement, monitoring and evaluation functions in these Terms of Reference
  5. Reporting functions
    1. Report to the Executive Team in relation to the functions of these Terms of Reference.
    2. Report to the University community on non-confidential key decisions and actions as an outcome of SIPC meetings
    3. Report to UNE Council and Committee in relation to the functions of these Terms of Reference.
  6. These Terms of Reference do not alter any delegations from Council made under the Financial Delegations Rule, or functions and responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor outlined in the Vice-Chancellor Functions Rule.
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Section 5 - Conduct of Committee business


(13) The Committee will meet monthly. or otherwise as required to perform its functions. Committee members should be given at least seven (7) days notice of meeting, or such shorter period as is practicable where a matter is urgent.

Business papers

(14) Unless the Chair directs otherwise, Committee business papers will be distributed to Committee members and official attendees at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting, or such shorter period as is practicable in the circumstances. Business papers must be treated as confidential by recipients. Any disclosure of business papers should be with the approval of the Chair.


(15) A quorum will be a simple majority of the members of the Committee at the time the meeting is held.

Use of technology

(16) For its business papers, meetings and otherwise to conduct its business the Committee and its members may use technology including telephone, video-conferencing, telepresence, email and internet as arranged by the Chair and/or Committee Secretary.


(17) The Committee may pass a resolution by "flying minute" provided that the resolution has been approved by a simple majority of the Committee members at the time the resolution is made.

Minutes and actions

(18) Draft minutes will normally be circulated to members for comment within three (3) working days after each meeting, including all action items.

(19) The minutes will be finalised and adopted when they have been approved by a majority of the members present at the relevant meeting.

(20) Actions will be communicated to accountable officers by the Committee Secretary.


(21) Once every twelve (12) months the Committee will devote part of a meeting to review the operation of the Committee over the preceding twelve (12) months.

Secretary to the Committee

(22) The Office of Strategy Management will provide secretarial and administrative support to the Committee.

(23) The Secretary is responsible for ensuring all Committee agendas, minutes, actions and reports are recorded in the correct containers in the University’s electronic Records Management System (RMS) in accordance with the UNE Records Management Rule and Project Management Policy.

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Section 6 -  Authority and Compliance

(24) This Committee is established under the authority of the VC&CEO in accordance with the Vice-Chancellor Functions Rule, to perform the functions set out in these Terms of Reference, and all matters ancillary to those functions.