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Graduation Procedures

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) These procedures are made under the Graduation Rule and provide guidance for UNE Representatives involved in Student graduation and outlines roles and responsibilities for graduation lists and graduation ceremonies.

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Section 2 - Scope

(2) These procedures apply to all UNE Representatives involved in:

  1. the compilation, approval and conferral of graduation lists; and
  2. graduation ceremonies.

(3) These procedures do not apply to Honorary awards. Please refer to the Honorary Titles and Awards Rule.

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Section 3 - Procedures

Graduation Lists

(4) Responsibility for updating a Student's eligibility to graduate status and validating the Student's eligibility to graduate on the Student's record in Callista for awards of the University are as follows:

  1. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research or delegate for all higher degree by research awards; and
  2. Director Student Success or delegate for all other awards.

(5) Prior to each graduation ceremony, and at the end of Trimester 3, Research Services will provide a list of Students to Student Success with a Graduation Certification Form confirming that the Students have met their course requirements and requirements as set out in the Graduation Rule and are eligible to graduate. The list from Research Services will include those Students who have had their award conferred In Absentia since the last graduation ceremony.

(6) For quality assurance purposes Student Success then submits to Research Services and Schools, a proposed graduation list of all Students who have an eligibility to graduate status for a final review for outstanding disciplinary cases or appeals, late/changed Honours results or non-return of University property. In response to this, the following should occur:

  1. Research Services will either confirm the original list is correct (to the extent it relates to higher degree by research Students) or make any required additions and re-submit, to Student Success, the graduation list with an updated Graduation Certification Form; and
  2. Each School, for the Students enrolled in programs administered by that School, will either confirm the original list is correct or make the required additions and re-submit the graduation list to Student Success.

(7) Student Success will update a Student's eligibility to graduate status as informed by the responses received from Research Services and Schools.

(8) Students who have completed all academic requirements of their Course but have an outstanding administrative encumbrance will be notified by Student Success that:

  1. they must clear the encumbrance by the advised cut-off date or they will not be able to graduate; or
  2. seek approval from the University for the debt to be repaid after graduation.

(9) Prior to each graduation ceremony, and at the end of Trimester 3 the Director Student Success provides the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation) a list of coursework Students and signs the Graduation Certification Form confirming that each Student has met the Course requirements, has no encumbrance (or the encumbrance has been waived by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation)), has met the requirements as set out in the Graduation Rule and are therefore eligible to graduate. The Director Student Success, and the relevant Head of School if required, must provide any information the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation) requires in order to be satisfied of the eligibility of a Student to graduate.

(10) Any changes to the lists before conferral must be reported to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation) or Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research together with an explanation for the change.

(11) The Director Student Success or delegate combines the proposed graduation lists into one consolidated final list for graduation ceremony program purposes.

Approval of Graduation List

(12) The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation) and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research certify on the Graduation Certification Form that the Students on their respective graduation lists have met the requirements of the Graduation Rule.

(13) To assist statutory or professional registration of a Student the University may, at its discretion, release to an agency or authority, approved by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation) or Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research information concerning a Student's eligibility to graduate status. If applicable a statement that conferral has not occurred and graduate status remains pending shall accompany such information.

(14) The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation) and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research are authorised:

  1. to remove or add to the lists, prior to conferral, those Students who have encumbrances placed or lifted on their academic records for administrative, disciplinary and/or financial debt reasons;
  2. to approve changes, prior to conferral, to levels of awards such as classes of Honours;
  3. to remove, prior to conferral, a Student from the list because of an administrative error or a Student electing to articulate to a higher award without graduating in the original award;
  4. to approve for conferral, Students who wish to have their award conferred In Absentia;
  5. correct information such as names or majors as they appear on Testamurs and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) after conferment; and
  6. to recommend to Council, changes to or rescissions of award after conferral.

Reporting to Council

(15) As soon as practicable, the Director Student Success, will provide to the University Secretariat the final Graduands list along with the signed Graduation Certification Forms, from the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation) and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research. The list and Graduation Certification Forms will be provided to the  Council at the next available meeting, for noting.

Graduation Ceremonies

(16) Students who are eligible to Graduate will be invited to attend the next designated graduation ceremony by  Student Success .

(17) Students who wish to Graduate In Absentia and have not already advised the relevant School or Research Services, need to advise Student Success.

(18) Higher Degree Research Students wishing to graduate In Absentia between graduation ceremonies will need the approval of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research.

(19) The University provides Graduates with one Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) and one Testamur (as appropriate for the award being conferred).

(20) For Students graduating In Absentia their Testamur and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) will be mailed to them after the graduation ceremony.

(21) Graduands unable to attend a graduation ceremony will be deemed by the University to have requested to graduate In Absentia and will have their Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) and Testamur mailed to them by Student Success after the relevant graduation ceremony.

(22) All names of Graduates who have been conferred at a graduation ceremony and the names of Graduates who have been conferred between ceremonies are printed in the appropriate graduation ceremony program booklet. The list of graduates is a public record and is not subject to privacy restrictions.

Indoor Ceremonies

(23) In the event of bad weather, the decision to move the ceremony into an indoor venue is made by the Director Student Success (or delegate) by 8am on the morning of the ceremony. The Director Student Success (or delegate) may limit the number of guests who accompany a graduand to a graduation ceremony. These decisions will be communicated by Student Success through University and local media and information sources e.g. Insiders Guide, local radio etc.

Lead Responsibilities for Ceremonies

(24) The lead responsibility for the preparation for, and conduct of, graduation ceremonies lies with the Graduation Coordinator, Student Success, subject to the authority of the Council. The responsibility for coordinating the involvement of the Council lies with the University Secretary on behalf of the Chancellor. These are summarised as follows:

Confirm schedule of graduation dates SAS
Make venue booking SAS
Order Testamur stationery SAS
Arrange graduation meeting SAS
Prepare potential graduand lists Coursework awards — SAS GHDR awards — Research Services
Identify New England Award recipients and script, check and print certificates. Advise Graduation Coordinator of recipients. NEA Program Manager — PVCA Office
Script, check and print testamurs Graduation Team — SAS
Placing of University Seal on testamurs Graduation Team — SAS
Arrange selection of medal winners PVCA — University Medals Committee PVCR — Graduate Research Committee
Advise medal winners of their awards Relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor
Prepare medals Graduation Team — SAS
The Venue  
Confirm venue booking and stage set-up — Booloominbah lawn and Lazenby Hall Graduation Coordinator — SAS in liaison with Facilities Management Services (FMS)
Arrange graduand seating Graduation Coordinator — SAS in liaison with FMS
Arrange stage seating and layout Graduation Team — SAS in liaison with the Secretariat (for the Chancellor's Procession participants)
Arrange robing room for Academic Procession SAS
Arrange robing room for Chancellor's Procession Secretariat
Arrange for audio equipment including sound check prior to the ceremony commencing SAS
Arrange for off stage VIP seating SAS in liaison with the Secretariat and Vice-Chancellor's Unit
Arrange for parking facilities SAS in liaison with FMS and Secretariat
Issue invitation to staff on une-official to participate in the academic procession PVCA
Issue invitations to official guests of Chancellor and advise acceptances to relevant UNE staff Secretariat
Issue invitations to occasional speakers and advise acceptances to relevant UNE staff Vice-Chancellor's Office
Arrange attendance of occasional speakers and obtain CV's Vice-Chancellor's Office
Consult with the Vice-Chancellor regarding the conferral of honorary degrees Secretariat
Liaise with honorary degree recipients concerning arrangements for the ceremony including academic regalia and guest tickets Secretariat
Prepare graduand information and emails SAS
Coordination of Chancellor's Graduation Luncheon i.e. venue, invitations, menu Secretariat
Select those to introduce and thank occasional speakers, and those to deliver citations for honorary awards Vice-Chancellor
Issue invitations to introduce and thank occasional speakers, and to deliver citations Vice-Chancellor
Issue invitation to act as Esquire Bedell Secretariat
Write to Chancellor, advising of arrangements for ceremonies Secretariat
Arrange travel and accommodation as required for the guest speaker Vice-Chancellor's Unit — in liaison with SAS
Arrange publicity Corporate Communications
Prepare, check, produce and deliver an order of proceedings and a general brief and provision of these documents to all senior officers of the University with roles and responsibilities in graduation ceremonies no later than one week prior to the ceremony. SAS
Production and provision of the list of names of graduands eligible to attend each ceremony and who have registered to attend the relevant ceremony. An edited list will be provided on the day of the ceremony which is compiled following closure of registration. SAS
Advise on graduation ceremony protocols (as required) Chancellor and official guests — Secretariat Academic and professional staff and graduands — SAS
Arrange music SAS
Briefing of graduands after they have been seated SAS appointed emcee
Provide details of Honorary awardees, and citation readers to Student Administration and Services Vice-Chancellors Office
Script, check and print final version of program SAS
Other Tasks  
Arrange attendance of Esquire Bedell Secretariat
Arrange for graduand gown hire UNE Life in liaison with Graduation Team, SAS
Arrange for gowns for Council members and Esquire Bedell Secretariat
Arrange for gowns for occasional speakers and honorary degree recipients Vice-Chancellors Office in liaison with Graduation Team, SAS
Arrange ushers SAS
Arrange testamur framers UNE Life
Arrange catering for Academic Procession and for Chancellor's Procession participants SAS
Arrange dais photographer for ceremony SAS
Arrange official portrait photographer UNE Life
Arrange Alumni promotion Alumni Officer, Office of Advancement
Arrange to receive official visitors of Vice-Chancellor Vice-Chancellor's Office
Arrange to receive Chancellor's guests Secretariat
Arrange seating of graduands SAS
Arrange marshalling of graduands SAS
Sort and handle testamurs and medals on stage SAS
Marshall and organise the Academic Procession SAS
Marshall and organise the Chancellor's Procession Secretariat
Follow up  
Arrange debriefing session SAS
Issue thank you letters to occasional speakers Vice-Chancellor


Records Management

(25) Records relating to any action or decision made under these procedures must be recorded in accordance with the University Records Management Rule.

Authority and Compliance

(26) The Rule Administrator, the Chief Legal and Governance Officer, pursuant to the University's Graduation Rule makes these procedures.

(27) UNE Representatives and Students must observe these Procedures in relation to University matters.

(28) These Procedures operate as and from the Effective Date.

(29) Previous procedures relating to Graduation are replaced and have no further operation from the Effective Date of this new Procedure.