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Firearms Rule

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Section 1 - Policy

(1) Possession of firearms or replicas of firearms (ammunition or magazine) on the campus by unauthorised persons is prohibited.

(2) With the exclusion of definition 9 (a) and (b), all other persons must advise Safety, Security and Information prior of their intention to bring a firearm or replica of a firearm onto the campus.

(3) Firearms kept on campus must be stored in magazines (approved by the NSW Police Department) at all times when such firearms are not in use, and are to be stored in a separate facility to the firing mechanism (bolt).

(4) Should it not be possible for any firearms to be housed in an approved magazine because the facility is closed, they are to be handed over to Safety, Security and Information staff and handed over by them to the NSW Police until the normal storage facility becomes available.

(5) Firearms necessarily carried on campus are to be holstered or kept in gun cases, and not openly displayed unless by members of the armed forces in the course of their duties.

(6) The discharge of firearms on campus is prohibited. Please see paragraph 10.

(7) Nothing in these rules shall be taken as absolving persons on campus from complying with existing legislation, including the requirement that an appropriate licence or permit issued under provisions of the NSW Firearms Act must be held.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(8) For the purpose of these rules, "firearm" has the same definition as in the NSW Firearms Act.

(9) Authorised persons are to be defined as:

  1. members of the NSW Police Force in the execution of their duties;
  2. members of the armed forces of Australia in the performance of their duties;
  3. members of a campus Rifle Club, where such exists, engaged in bona fide club activities; and,
  4. other persons or classes of persons authorised by the campus Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer/Director from time to time.

(10) Where circumstances arise where it is considered necessary to use a firearm (eg to destroy a badly injured animal) approval must be sought from the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer/Director or delegate.