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Online Learning Resources Rule

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) This Rule provides the framework for the management of all online learning resources via the University Learning Management System and must be read in conjunction with the Online Learning Resources Procedures that support this policy.

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Section 2 - Scope

(2) This Rule applies to all University Representatives involved in the development, administration and delivery of all online learning resources via the University Learning Management System (LMS).

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Section 3 - Rule


(3) The University is committed to enhancing the quality of our course offerings and embracing new technologies to support our aspiration to be the leading provider of flexible and online learning.

(4) Appropriate tools and technologies for teaching and learning will be used in all units (where applicable) to enhance the student learning experience.

(5) All units will have a dedicated University Learning Management System (LMS) site.

(6) The Learning Management System supports the online delivery and administration of resources, communication, collaboration and assessment.

(7) Online Learning Resources must adhere to accessibility standards in accordance with government legislation.

(8) The University is mindful of safeguarding its intellectual property, managing the rights and responsibilities of UNE authors, and administering copyright and license compliance obligations in relation to the use of Learning Resources.


(9) Unit Coordinators are responsible for administering and overseeing the unit LMS site including:

  1. developing and reviewing all unit content and creating engaging Learning Resources for students based on sound pedagogical principles;
  2. unit Core Learning Resources are available to students in accordance with release deadlines specified in clause 11 of the Online Learning Resources procedures;
  3. ensuring published Third Party Copyright materials copied under Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) required for inclusion in electronic reserve meet the University Library submission deadlines specified in clause 10 of the Online Learning Resources procedures;
  4. providing links to Library Resources and not reproducing the content in the LMS;
  5. ensuring online Learning Resources meet compliance obligations detailed in the University Copyright Policy;
  6. where applicable adding teaching team members and contact details prior to the first week of teaching; and
  7. in accordance with government legislation, providing reasonable adjustments to online Learning Resources for students with a declared special need.

(10) The Special Needs Office is responsible for:

  1. providing advice to Unit Coordinators and the relevant Head of School on making reasonable adjustments to online Learning Resources for students with a declared special need; and
  2. providing the agreed reasonable adjustments for online Learning Resources to students with a declared special need.

(11) Learning and Teaching Transformation is responsible for:

  1. the ongoing management of the Learning Management System, which includes the identification and actioning of any future system developments and improvements; and
  2. providing professional development opportunities and support to academic staff to facilitate curriculum development and to extend and develop existing teaching approaches with the aim of optimising student understanding and engagement.

(12) The University Library is responsible for providing and managing Library Resources and providing services to academic staff to support their teaching activities.

(13) The Copyright Officer is responsible for providing and maintaining information resources and services to assist staff preparing online Learning Resources to manage their copyright obligations.

(14) Information Technology Directorate is responsible for providing technical support, development of existing systems and implementation of new systems within the virtual learning environment.

(15) Head of School is responsible for:

  1. authorising the final version of the Core Learning Resources; and
  2. ensuring that, for each unit offered in their School, all the Core Learning Resources are available and released to students as specified in clause 11 of the Online Learning Resources Procedures.

Records Management

(16) Electronic records must be kept in accordance with the University Records Management Rule.

Rule Administration

(17) In the event of a conflict between this Rule and any Rule, policy or practice, this Rule shall take precedence.

Authority and Compliance

(18) The Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer pursuant to Section 29 of the University of New England Act makes this University Rule.

(19) University Representatives must observe this Rule in relation to University matters.

(20) The Rule Administrator, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation), is authorised to make procedures and guidelines for the operation of this Rule. The procedures and guidelines must be compatible with the provisions of this Rule.

(21) This Rule operates as and from the Effective Date.

(22) Previous policy on Learning Resources is replaced and has no further operation from the Effective Date of this new Rule.

(23) Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Rule, the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer may approve an exception to this Rule where the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer determines the application of the Rule would otherwise lead to an unfair, unreasonable or absurd outcome. Approvals by the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer under this clause must be documented in writing and must state the reason for the exception.

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Section 4 - Definitions

(24) Copyright gives legal rights to owners of creative products and materials in the form of a limited monopoly over the use of those materials, including copying and reproduction.

(25) Core Learning Resources comprises the minimum Learning Resources the student must engage with in order to complete the assessment requirements for a unit.

(26) Effective Date is the date on which this Rule will take effect.

(27) Learning Management System is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology teaching and learning programs.

(28) Learning Resources comprise the sum of 'UNE-Authored Learning Resources' and 'Third Party Copyright and Licensed Materials' that are made available to students to achieve learning outcomes and complete assessment requirements for a unit.

(29) Library Resources these include resources and licensed materials that are managed and made accessible by the University Library (including the electronic reserve collection) to support teaching and learning activities.

(30) Rule Administrator is the Vice-Chancellor or Delegate.

(31) Third Party Copyright and Licensed Materials comprise materials for which the copyright is held by the author or publisher (not the University) or obtained through a services aggregator and for which the requirements of Australian copyright law or licensing agreements with the aggregator services must be adhered to.

(32) UNE-Authored Learning Resources comprise assignment topics, worksheets, journals and other materials created by University staff which can be distributed to enrolled students without infringing the copyright of others.

(33) University Representative means a University employee (casual, fixed term and permanent), contractor, agent, appointee, UNE Council member, adjunct, visiting academic and any other person engaged by the University to undertake some activity for or on behalf of the University. It includes corporations and other bodies falling into one or more of these categories.

(34) UNE Act means the University of New England Act 1993 No 68 (NSW).