Associated Information

Associated Information

The UNE policy is supported by the following associated information to assist you with application and interpretation.  

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Rule

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University of New England Act 1993 (NSW)
Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  WHS G001 Computer Workstation Ergonomic Guideline
  WHS G002 Temporary Barricading of Pedestrian Access Guideline
  WHS G004 Q-Fever Risk Mitigation Guideline
  WHS OP001 Document Control Procedure
  WHS OP002 - Terms of Reference - Work Health and Safety (WHS) Work Groups
  WHS OP003 -Terms of Reference (Vice-Chancellor approved) - Work Health and Safety (WHS) Committee
  WHS OP004 - Terms of Reference (Vice-Chancellor approved) - Work Health and Safety (WHS) Management Group
  WHS OP006 Writing a Job Safety Analysis Procedure
  WHS OP008 Risk Assessment Procedure
  WHS OP009 Workplace Inspections Procedure
  WHS OP010 Fieldwork Procedure
  WHS OP011 (Interim) Work at Height Procedure
  WHS OP012 (interim) First Aid Procedure
  WHS OP013 Hazardous Chemicals Procedure
  WHS OP015 Children in the Workplace Procedure
  WHS OP018 Off Campus Workplace Inspections Procedure
  WHS OP019 Terms of Reference (Vice-Chancellor approved) - Organisational Resilience Planning Committee
  WHS OP021 Writing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  WHS OP025 Hazardous Chemical Spills Procedure
  WHS P001 Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) Protocol
  WHS P002 Organisational WHS Responsibilities Protocol
  WHS P003 Consultation Protocol
  WHS P004 Risk Management Protocol
  WHS P005 First Aid Management Protocol
  WHS P006 Smoke Free Workplace Protocol
Other Electronic Publications
  WHS F070 - Alcohol, Events Registration and Risk Assessment Form  (152.77 KB)

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