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Student Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) UNE is committed to encouraging and assisting students to realise their full academic and personal potential within an environment that actively promotes their health, wellbeing and safety. These principals will be supported by:

  1. Encouraging students to recognise the adverse effects of alcohol and/or the use of illicit drugs and to modify their behaviour accordingly;
  2. Encouraging students to recognise the increased dangers to students of polydrug use where people combine drugs for a desired effect or combine them out of habit;
  3. Encouraging moderation and a responsible attitude to alcohol use. This policy aims to create an environment for students that are free of inducement and social pressure to drink to excess. It also encourages a responsible attitude to each other, that is 'looking out for each other' comparable to a non drinking driver being elected by a group;
  4. To provide adequate information about alcohol and other drugs and the consequences of their inappropriate use;
  5. To facilitate assistance to those individuals for whom alcohol or other drugs has become a problem;
  6. To protect the good reputation of the University and to prevent alcohol and other drug-related damage to property; and
  7. To meet legal and compliance responsibilities across all University-related activities, including ensuring that the principles of the NSW Liquor Act 2007 and NSW Registered Clubs Act 1976, are observed during all University-endorsed activities.
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Section 2 - Scope

(2) All members of the University community share responsibility for protecting the academic and social environment for students by exemplifying high standards of professional and personal conduct. The University has established the following policy relating to the conduct of functions within, or associated with, the University at which alcohol and drugs are consumed

(3) This policy will apply to all UNE Representatives and Students of the University (as defined under this policy).

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Section 3 - Policy

(4) All individuals or groups organising events involving alcohol consumption will observe licensing and other legal requirements. Failure to do so may void any protection the University may otherwise afford to organisers of events and may result in disciplinary action.

(5) The University prohibits the unlawful use, possession, cultivation or distribution of narcotic or other dangerous drugs, as defined by NSW Legislation.

(6) UNE will contribute to the provision of a healthy and safe learning environment for students by:

  1. Promoting awareness of personal safety and security issues associated with alcohol and/or other drug use;
  2. Providing education programs for students that address the dangers of excessive alcohol and other drug consumption;
  3. Providing support to students who wish to address their patterns of alcohol and other drug consumption;
  4. Requiring a responsible approach toward the serving and consumption of alcohol on University premises and at University endorsed events; and
  5. Ensuring that the needs of students who choose not to consume alcohol or use other drugs are catered for.

(7) Where alcohol will be provided at events involving students on campus or other activities associated with UNE:

  1. There must be appropriate rules governing the supply of alcohol at the event;
  2. People serving alcohol must be aware of and comply with the standards of responsible service of alcohol requirements under the NSW Liquor Act 2007 and the UNE Student Alcohol and Other Drug Policy;
  3. Low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks must also be provided; and
  4. Organisers of events must comply with the events notification requirements and the incident reporting requirements as specified in the procedures attached to this policy.

(8) All reasonable measures must be taken to ensure that:

  1. Wherever possible, educational material on the effects of alcohol or other drugs is displayed at functions where alcohol is served; and
  2. Where charges are made for alcohol, there is a price differentiation between high alcohol and low-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks.

(9) The University does not permit on University premises or in connection with any UNE-sponsored activity or function:

  1. Advertising of promotional activities offering inducements or encouraging drinking as the major objective;
  2. Customs that exert social pressure on students to drink to excess, particularly competitive, binge, or excessive drinking practices such as 'all you can drink' events or 'wet ticket' events;
  3. Disorderly behaviour or lack of respect for people or property that is related to alcohol or other drug consumption; and
  4. Coercion or other peer pressure exerted against students who choose not to consume alcohol.

(10) The University reserves the right to declare alcohol-free areas such as laboratories, workshops, classrooms, sections of residences and other spaces as it sees fit.

(11) The following responsibilities will apply to this policy:

  1. All UNE Representatives and Students of the University, when on University premises or attending any UNE-sponsored activity, are responsible for complying with the Student Alcohol and Other Drug Policy;
  2. Heads of Residences are responsible for making reasonable efforts to ensure that students under their authority comply with the Student Alcohol and Other Drug Policy; and
  3. The Campus Services Manager is responsible for monitoring the use of the events notification and incident reporting registers.

(12) Under the Liquor Act (2007) it is illegal to sell alcohol on University premises, either directly or indirectly, such as through an admission charge or sale of tickets to a function, unless a licence has been obtained. The Licensing Court of NSW or equivalent will not grant licenses or permits applicable to University sites unless the applicant has obtained the prior approval of the University. All conditions of the license must be adhered to.

(13) The written permission of the relevant Head of Residence and the Campus Services Manager is required before a function involving the consumption of alcohol is held in any University residence other than in licensed premises. This permission is sought through an events notification register.

(14) All UNE Representatives and Students of the University must comply with this policy and its procedures. Failure to comply may result in:

  1. Misconduct/serious misconduct or unsatisfactory performance;
  2. A breach in the Student Behavioural Misconducts Rules: or
  3. A breach of the Residential College Code of Conduct.
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Section 4 - Definitions

(15) Head of Residence — means the Master/Principal/Head of a College

(16) Student - means an Admitted Student or an Enrolled Student, at the relevant time.

  1. Admitted Student means a student who has been admitted to a UNE course of study and who is entitled to enrol in a unit of study.
  2. Enrolled Student means a student who has been admitted to a UNE course of study at UNE or elsewhere and who is enrolled in a unit at UNE.

(17) UNE Representative - means a University employee (casual, fixed term and permanent), contractor, agent, appointee, UNE Council member and any other person engaged by the University to undertake some activity for or on behalf of the University. It includes corporations and other bodies falling into one or more of these categories.