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Awards in Absentia Procedures

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Procedures

(1) The normal process for awarding degrees is that the Manager, Enrolment and Progression/Research Degrees and Scholarships Officer notify the Student Centre's Customer Services Unit of those people to be awarded degrees by Council at Graduation.

(2) Therefore, the appropriate procedure for award in absentia is:

  1. The Enrolment and progression staff/Research Degrees and Scholarships Officer assesses the request and verifies the eligibility of the applicant.
  2. The Manager, Enrolment and Progression/Research Degrees and Scholarships Officer sends the request for award in absentia, with a copy of the academic transcript, and a reason, provided by the student for seeking such an award, to the Customer Services Manager.
  3. The Customer Services Manager sends the request, with the reason, to the Secretary to Council for Council's approval of the award.
  4. In the case of requests for award of PhDs in absentia, the Secretary to Council will not put the request forward unless the award has been first approved by Academic Board.
  5. The Customer Services Manager produces the testamur and sends out the award; and
  6. The Customer Services Manager notifies the Manager, Enrolment and progression/Research Degrees and Scholarships Officer that this has been done