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Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) - Level 1

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The Act presently provides protection from discrimination in relation to most grounds on the basis of neutrality (i.e., persons of both genders, all races and all forms of marital status are to be treated equally.) The Act prescribes that discrimination is not unlawful if sex or race is a genuine occupational qualification. Under the Act, the University is required to ensure that it does not discriminate against students, prospective students, employees and prospective employees on the basis of Age; Carers' responsibilities; Disability; Homosexuality; Marital status; Race; Gender; Transgender status. The University is also required to ensure that all employees, external contractors and students are made aware of what constitutes acceptable standards of behaviour within the working and teaching environment. The University must deal with complaints sensitively and quickly and inform the complainant of options for seeking redress.

In 1980 the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act was amended to include Part 9A which requires scheduled authorities, including universities, to:
ensure the absence of discrimination in employment on the grounds covered by the Act, and
promote equal employment opportunity for women, members of racial or ethnic minority groups, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people with a disability.
The Act requires scheduled organisations to report annually on the progress of their equal employment opportunity programs to the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment.