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Yarm Gwanga Staffing Guideline - Responsible Person, Nominated Supervisor, and Educational Leader

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Section 1 - Overview

(1)  This Guideline provides information on the roles and responsibilities of the Responsible Person, Role of Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader at Yarm Gwanga. 

(2) For the purposes of clause 168 (2) (i) and (ii) of the Education and Care Services National Regulations, this Code is
considered to be the policy and procedure.

(3) The Guideline satisfies the following National Quality Standards:

  1. Quality Area 4 Staffing Arrangements
    1. Standard 4.1 Staffing arrangements: Staffing arrangements enhance children's learning and development.
      1. Element 4.1.1 Organisation of educators: The organisation of educators across the service supports children's learning and development.
  2. Quality Area 7 Governance and Leadership
    1. Standard 7.1 Governance supports the operation of a quality service.
      1. Element 7.1.2 Systems are in place to manage risk and enable the effective management and operation of a quality service.
      2. Element 7.1.3 Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, and understood, and support effective decision making and operation of the service.
    2. Standard 7.2 Effective leadership builds and promotes a positive organisational culture and professional learning community.
      1. Element 7.2.2 Educational leadership: The educational leader is supported and leads the development and implementation of the educational program and assessment and planning cycle.
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Section 2 - Scope

(4)  This Code applies to all UNE Representatives who are employed at the Yarm Gwanga Services.

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Section 3 - Guideline

Nominated Supervisor

(5) The Nominated Supervisor is the OIC and Nominated Supervisor (Yarm Gwanga) who has day-to-day responsibility for the Service in accordance with the National Regulations. 

(6) Roles and Responsibilities of the OIC and Nominated Supervisor (Yarm Gwanga) include (but are not limited to):

  1. providing written consent to accept the role of Nominated Supervisor;
  2. ensuring that, in their absence from the service premises, a Responsible Person is placed in day-to-day charge of the service who has a sound understanding of the role of Responsible Person;
  3. ensuring that the name and position of the Responsible Person in charge of the service is displayed and easily visible from the main entrance of the service;
  4. developing rosters in accordance with the availability of Responsible Persons, hours of operations and the attendance patterns of children; and
  5. notifying the Director UNE Life and the Regulatory Authority within 7 days of any changes to their personal situation, including a change in mailing address, circumstances that affect their fit and proper status, such as the suspension or cancellation of a Working with Children Check card or teacher registration, or if they are subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Responsible Person

(7) Yarm Gwanga ensures that a Responsible Person is physically in attendance at all times the Service is educating and caring for children. The Responsible Person is either the OIC and Nominated Supervisor (Yarm Gwanga) or an Educator who has been placed in day-to-day charge of the Service. When the OIC and Nominated Supervisor (Yarm Gwanga) is absent from the Centre, a person is to be placed in charge as the Responsible Person. 

Appointing a Responsible Person

(8) The OIC and Nominated Supervisor (Yarm Gwanga) will consider a person’s qualifications, experience and age when deciding whether they are suitable to be appointed as a Responsible Person. Consideration will be given regarding whether the individual has been subject to compliance action or disciplinary proceedings under a children’s services law, education law, or a previous education and care services law, in any state or territory. Candidates will be asked to submit a Compliance History Statement and must satisfy the following:

  1. have practical knowledge of the day-to-day responsibilities of being an Educator at the Service, including how to work through unexpected problems;
  2. have a demonstrated understanding of:
    1. our education and care Service’s policies and procedures
    2. Health and Safety, including Child Protection responsibilities
    3. Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010, and the Education and Care Service Services National Regulations 2011;
  3. be over 18 years of age; and
  4. give their written consent to be placed in day to day charge of the Service (required under regulation 54).

(9) Roles and Responsibilities of the Responsible Person:

  1. checking that the name and position of the Responsible Person in charge of the Service is displayed and easily visible from the main entrance of the Service.;
  2. ensuring they have a sound understanding of the role of Responsible Person; and
  3. understanding that a Responsible Person placed in day-to-day charge of Yarm Gwanga does not have the same responsibilities under the National Law as the Nominated Supervisor.

Educational Leader

Position Overview

(10)  The Educational Leader is appointed by the OIC and Nominated Supervisor (Yarm Gwanga) and predominantly acts to inspire, lead, mentor and guide Early Years Educators in the provision of quality Early Childhood Education and Care in line with National Quality Framework, current research and innovative practice.

(11) The Educational Leader drives pedagogical practices aligned to Yarm Gwanga’s purpose, values, policies and procedures and supports colleagues in their implementation of practices. The role encompasses:

  1. promoting an understanding of the Early Years Learning Framework;
  2. a strong vision to guide pedagogical decisions with a shared approach to achieving the best learning outcomes for children in order to effectively unite a team of Educators to work towards a consistent approach to curriculum;
  3. a commitment to inquiry, reflection and the undertaking and sharing of ongoing professional development and related learnings;
  4. considering methods to demonstrate the Service is meeting expected standards;
  5. aiding Educators to understand and implement policies, procedures and reflect on their practice; and
  6. seeking professional development opportunities.

Authority and Compliance

(12) The Guideline Administrator, Director UNE Life, makes these Guidelines.

(13) UNE Representatives must observe these Guidelines in relation to University matters.

(14) These Guidelines operate as and from the Effective Date.

(15) Previous Guidelines relating to Responsible Person, Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader are replaced, and
have no further operation from the Effective Date of this new Guideline.

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Section 4 - Definitions

For the purposes of this Guideline the following definitions apply:

(16) Yarm Gwanga refers to both the Yarm Gwanga Preschool and Early Education Centre as well as Yarm Gwanga Vacation Care.