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Art Collection Management Policy

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) The University of New England acquires works of art through purchase, commission, donation and bequest. The UNE Art Collection is a significant asset, not only in terms of its monetary value, but in terms of its historical and aesthetic significance.

(2) Effective management of the Art Collection is a requirement and obligation of ownership. The purpose of this policy is to establish the controls and processes required for the preservation, presentation and documentation of the University Collection.

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Section 2 - Scope

(3) All works of Fine Art, including art reproductions, acquired through purchase, commission, donation or bequest by any Faculty, School, Institute, Centre, Department or College of the University are acquired in the name of the University and fall within the scope of this policy.

Roles and Responsibilities

Heritage Centre

(4) The Heritage Centre on behalf of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic) oversees the documentation, display and preservation of the UNE Art Collection through the UNE Art Collection Manager.

(5) The UNE Art Collection Manager is responsible for the Collection's

  1. Preservation, display and handling
  2. Preservation, storage and conservation
  3. Recordkeeping, stocktakes and audits

Pro Vice-Chancellors and Deans of the Faculties, Heads of Schools, Directors of the Institutes, Centres and Units and Heads of the Residential Colleges

(6) In relation to documentation, display and preservation of the Art Collection, Pro Vice-Chancellors and Deans, Directors and Heads are responsible for:

  1. Assigning responsibility for communication with the UNE Art Collection Manager to ensure a single point of contact on all matters to the Art Collection; and
  2. Notifying the UNE Art Collection Manager of any change that requires the updating of the Art Collection Register, including acquisition and movement of any artwork.

UNE Art Advisory Committee

(7) All significant acquisitions, policies and strategic plans that impact on the development and management of the UNE Art Collection will be tabled at the UNE Art Advisory Committee.

(8) The UNE Art Advisory Committee is a committee of the University that advises and makes recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor on options and priorities for the UNE Art Collection.

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Vice-Chancellor on significant matters relating to the acquisition, commissioning and sponsorship of artworks for the University;
  2. To assist in the development of the University's collection of art works;
  3. To acquire the artworks within the parameters of the approved policy, taking full account of the overall context of the Collection;
  4. To review as needed Collection Management Policies on the acquisition, disposal and lending of artwork;
  5. To extent by all possible means the funds available for the acquisition, preservation, promotion and use of the Collection through external grant funding, endowments and sponsorships and other financially viable methods, including the sale of artworks if appropriate;
  6. To encourage in principle and support the inclusion of works of art as part of the University's capital works refurbishment programs;
  7. To promote a sense of ownership and duty of care for the Collection within the University community;
  8. To liase with all major bodies as appropriate that focus on art and artists both within the University and the wider arts community, and
  9. To establish ties and enhance relations with the New England Regional Art Museum, the New England Art Society, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place, the New England Institute of Tafe and other local and regional art institutions and organisations.


  1. Vice-Chancellor or nominee ex officio
  2. Chair (appointed by the Vice-Chancellor)
  3. One Faculty member with expertise in art education(appointed by the Vice-Chancellor)
  4. One member external to the University with expertise in the arts and arts organisations (appointed by the Vice-Chancellor)

(9) At least two people of each gender shall be appointed to the Committee.

(10) The Committee is supported by the University Curator and the University Art Collection Manager as ex officio members of the Committee.

(11) The Vice-Chancellor will have the power to co-opt additional Committee members. The Committee can invite individuals to provide appropriate expertise as necessary.

(12) The Chair appointed members shall serve for the term of two years and may be re-appointed for additional terms at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor.


(13) The Committee shall meet at least two times per year.

(14) A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the members of the Committee.

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Section 3 - Policy


(15) The UNE Art Collection has been established to;

  1. Develop as a significant collection of Australian works of art for the purpose of demonstrating the University's commitment to the study, patronage and advancement of the arts;
  2. Reflect our regional character and the University's commitment to the community by displaying the art of regional artists and artists who have worked in the area, as well as art which reflects themes of importance or relevance to the region;
  3. Provide an educative function;
  4. Supplement and interact with existing educational programmes;
  5. Acquire works of art of demonstrable and excellence within the perceived development and relationship of art to contemporary life; and
  6. Acquire works of art suitable for the purpose of enhancing the public areas of the University.

Donations, gifts and bequests

(16) UNE encourage donations of artwork through gift or bequest.

(17) Acceptance or rejection of an artwork donation will be made by the UNE Art Collection Manager for Artwork valued less than $5000.

(18) Donations of Artwork valued at more than $5000 must be tabled before the UNE Art Advisory Committee. The Committee will recommend acceptance or rejection to the Vice-Chancellor.

(19) Clear title is required for all artworks permanently acquired and a 'Deed of Gift Schedule A' (click here for schedule) must be completed by the donor or executor before the donation can be accepted.

(20) Title will pass to the University and not to any individual or organisational unit. However, the stated wishes of a donor that an artwork be given in favour of a particular Faculty, School, Institute, Centre, Unit or College will be acknowledged.

(21) The UNE Art Collection Manager will prepare and expedite all appropriate documents.

Commissions and Sponsorship

(22) The commissioning or sponsorship of artworks by UNE will be undertaken upon the recommendations of the UNE Art Advisory Committee to the Vice-Chancellor.

(23) The commissioning of official portraits by UNE will be undertaken upon recommendation and approval by UNE Council.


(24) The procurement of all artwork will be conducted in accordance with the University's procurement policies and procedures.

(25) The UNE Art Collection Manager must be

  1. Notified of all purchases
  2. Provided with a copy purchase invoices and any related material; and
  3. Given access to the artwork for documentation.

(26) The purchasing Faculties, Schools, Institutes, Centres, Units and Colleges will be acknowledged.

Deaccessioning and Disposal

(27) The Collection will be subject to periodic review.

(28) UNE reserves the right to dispose of works as a necessary part of developing the collection to the fullest potential and of responsible collection management.

(29) UNE will always approach the disposal of works with caution. Full records will be kept of any object disposed of and the process whereby the decision to dispose was made.

(30) UNE will observe any legal conditions pertaining to its right of disposal and disposal will comply with established University asset disposal policies.

(31) Any gain on disposal emanating from the proceeds from sale exceeding the original purchase price will be credited solely to funds used for the acquisition or maintenance of the collection.


(32) The University will consider proposed outgoing and incoming loans from outside agencies. Recommendations to approve or reject such loans will come from the UNE Art Collection Manager.

(33) The UNE Art Collection Manager may authorise the loan of artwork to the value of $20,000. The loan of artwork valued over $20,000 must be approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

(34) The UNE Art Collection Manager can request inter-campus loans from Faculties, Schools, Institutes, Centres, Units and College for temporary on-Campus exhibitions.


(35) Works of art from the Collection will be displayed across UNE Campuses for the benefit of the UNE community and visitors to the University.

(36) University Faculties, Schools, Institutes, Centres, Units and Colleges should seek assistance and advice from the UNE Art Collection Manager in the appropriate display of artworks in their areas.

(37) Artworks are displayed only I areas that meet appropriate aesthetic, environmental and security standards. The UNE Art Collection Manager may remove any artwork determined to be at risk.

(38) Works of art on display must not be moved or removed without prior approval from the UNE Art Collection Manager.

(39) The display of privately owned works of art will be the responsibility of the individual owner. Privately owned artworks must be clearly marked and proof of ownership may be requested. The University accepts no responsibility for theft, damages or destruction of any privately owned work.


(40) The UNE Art Collection Manager in conjunction with Financial Services shall ensure periodic valuations of the UNE Art Collection occur. The valuations shall coincide with the University's financial accounting and audit requirements.


(41) The UNE Art Collection Manager in conjunction with the UNE Insurance Officer shall ensure all works of art are adequately insured at all times. The UNE Art Collection Manager is responsible for notifying the UNE Insurance Office of all proposed outgoing and incoming loans from outside agencies and ensuring appropriate insurance cover is in place on those articles.


(42) The preservation of the UNE Art Collection will take precedence in all decisions regarding display, loan or exhibition.

(43) All artworks will be regularly inspected and their condition assessed.

(44) The collection will be maintained and displayed in accordance with industry standards of art conservation, storage and handling.

(45) The Art Collection Manager will remove artwork from display to temporary storage on a regular basis to increase the longevity of the work.

(46) The UNE Art Collection Manager may remove artwork from display for conservation treatment.

(47) The UNE Art Collection Manager may remove artwork permanently from display if it is determined that the work can no longer be safely exhibited.

(48) The repair and maintenance of the artworks can only be undertaken by the UNE Art Collections Manager.


(49) The University has the responsibility to document the works of art in its care. The UNE Art Collection Manager will be responsible for the documentation of the artwork in accordance with the conventions of the art registration and recordkeeping and in accordance with the requirements of the University's asset management and record keeping policies.

Artwork records will include:

  1. A photograph and description of each work;
  2. A unique registration number; and
  3. All appropriate provenance records such as purchase invoices and receipts, deeds of gift, and donor or executor letters.

Artwork records will acknowledge;

  1. The artists right to be attributed as the creator of the work and the holder of copyright; and
  2. The donor's right to receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition.

(50) The collection of personal information will conform to the University's Privacy Policy.