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Yarm Gwanga Governance and Management Guideline

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) Yarm Gwanga Services are a not-for-profit organization, governed and managed by the University of New England and the Education and Care Services National Law, Education and Care Services National Regulations, relevant legislation, University of New England and Yarm Gwanga policies, guidelines, procedures and Philosophy.

(2) For the purposes of clause 168 (2) (l) of the Education and Care Services National Regulations this Guideline is considered to be the policy and procedure.

(3) These Guidelines address the following National Quality Standards:

  1. Quality Area 7 Governance and Leadership:             
    1. Standard 7.1 Governance
      1. Element 7.1.2 Systems are in place to manage risk and enable the effective management and operation of a quality service.
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Section 2 - Scope

(4) This Guideline applies to all UNE Representatives, children and families, and all visitors to the Yarm Gwanga services.

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Section 3 - Guideline


(5) The University of New England is the Approved Provider of Yarm Gwanga Services and oversees the strategic direction of the service, including the engagement of the Nominated Officer (OIC and Nominated Supervisor (Yarm Gwanga)), to oversee the day to day management and operations of the Service and that the organisation is soundly managed for the benefit of all.

(6) The daily management of Yarm Gwanga is the responsibility of the OIC and Nominated Supervisor (Yarm Gwanga) who is supported in this role by the University of New England's Representative (Director UNE Life), as well as all Educators and staff associated with the Service.

(7) The governance strategies of Yarm Gwanga will provide a safe and secure environment for children being educated and cared for at the Service as well as educators, staff, students, volunteers and visitors. Yarm Gwanga complies with the UNE Governance Framework and Governance Policy Framework Procedures for governance and policy review schedules. Yarm Gwanga Policies and Guidelines are developed with input from families, staff and management of the Service and relevant University business units.

(8) The Yarm Gwanga Advisory Group along with ad hoc Working Groups (eg Sustainability, WHS, Inclusive Practice) support the management and operations of the Centre. 

(9) A hard copy and a web link on the Yarm Gwanga home page of the National Law and National Regulations is provided for staff members, volunteers, parents of children enrolled at the Service and any person seeking to make use of the Service.

(10) The Yarm Gwanga Quality Improvement Plan outlines the process for self-assessment of the performance of the Centre in delivering quality education and care.

Records Management

(11) All persons associated with the education and care of children at Yarm Gwanga will ensure records are maintained in line with relevant legislative requirements including UNE Records Management Rule, UNE Privacy Management Rule, Education and Care Services National Law, Education and Care Services National Regulations (‘Regulations’), Australian Government Department of Social Services, Australian Government Department of Education and Training and the Personal Information Protection Act 2004.

(12) Yarm Gwanga will ensure that accurate records are maintained in an appropriate manner (including those records that are required to be maintained in a confidential manner), in a safe and secure place and for the relevant period of time. Records will only be available to those persons who have the authority and legal right to access them. To meet its legal obligations Yarm Gwanga will ensure the information kept in a record under the National Regulations is not divulged or communicated, directly or indirectly to another person other than:

  1. where/to the extent necessary for the education and care or required medical treatment of the child to whom the info relates; or  
  2. to the parent of a child (unless a court order prevents you from doing so) except in the case of information kept in the staff record; or
  3. to the Education and Care Unit (the Regulatory Authority) or an authorised officer; As required by another Act or law; and/or
  4. released with the written consent of the person who provided the information. 

Storage of Records (as required under Regulation 177 and 183)

(13) Type of record – Period required to be kept:

  1. if the record relates to an incident, illness, injury or trauma - until the child is aged 25 years
  2. if the record relates to the death of a child – until the end of 7 years after the death
  3. any other record relating to a child enrolled at the education and care service – until the end of 3 years after the last date on which the child was educated and cared for by the service
  4. record relating to the approved provider – until the end of 3 years after the last date on which the approved provider operated the service
  5. record relating to the nominated supervisor of staff member – until the end of 3 years after the last date on which the nominated supervisor or staff member provided education and care on behalf of the service
  6. any other record – until the end of 3 years after the date on which the record was made.

Authority and Compliance

(14) The Guideline Administrator, Director UNE Life, makes these Guidelines.

(15) UNE Representatives must observe these Guidelines in relation to University matters.

(16) These Guidelines operate as and from the Effective Date.

(17) Previous Guidelines relating to Yarm Gwanga governance and management are replaced and have no further operation from the Effective Date of this new Guideline.

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Section 4 - Definitions

For the purposes of this Guideline the following definitions apply:

(18) Approved Provider a person who holds a provider approval. A provider approval authorises a person to apply for one or more service approvals and is valid in all jurisdictions. (

(19) Nominated Supervisor is a person who is a certified supervisor, has been nominated by the approved provider and has consented to that nomination.

(20) Visitor includes, but is not limited to, students on practical placements, volunteers, community members and persons conducting inspections/audits.

(21) Yarm Gwanga refers to both the Yarm Gwanga Preschool & Early Education Centre as well as Yarm Gwanga Vacation Care.