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Student Computer Laboratories Operating Procedures

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Purpose

(1) To provide computer laboratories for the use of the University community and maintain the laboratories in a manner that provides an efficient, effective and reliable service to the University community while making the most effective use of resources.

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Section 2 - Scope

(2) This operating procedure applies to ITD Student Computer Laboratories (see Appendix A).

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Section 3 - Procedure


(3) ITD Student Labs are made available to students and staff of the University.

(4) People who are not members of the University community may request approval from ITD to use ITD Student Computer Laboratories. Requests are to be made through the Service Desk and approved by the Director Information Technology or nominee. Charges may apply.

(5) ITD Student Computer Laboratories will, wherever possible, be made available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

(6) Access to ITD Student Computer Laboratories will be by an authorised UNE staff or student card. The units used to enable authorised access may be disabled at the discretion of the Director of Information Technology or nominee.

(7) Authorised users must not grant access to unauthorised persons.

(8) Unauthorised users found in ITD Student Laboratories will be asked to leave the laboratory.

Booking and Checking Laboratories

(9) Laboratories required by trainers must be booked through Roombookings (FMS)

(10) At all times one Student Computer Laboratory will remain free for use by the University community.

(11) Bookings must be made at least a fortnight prior to a laboratory being required.

(12) A trainer booking a laboratory is responsible for ensuring that the applications they require have been installed and are working correctly. ITD requires at least twenty working days notice before a scheduled class in order to have adequate time to correct any problems.


(13) Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the computer laboratories.

(14) Conversations must be such that other students are not distracted from their work.

(15) Headphones must be used if listening to audio output.

(16) Assistance with computer problems in computer laboratories

(17) All problems in ITD Student Computer Laboratories are to be reported to the ITD Service Desk.

Supported Applications

(18) Supported applications are those that ITD is responsible for purchasing, installing and maintaining. They are listed in Appendix B.

(19) Foreign language character sets listed in Appendix B will be supported

(20) Applications approved by ITD but not supported by ITD will be subject to a negotiated Service Level Agreement that covers their installation and ongoing maintenance.

(21) Supported applications will be upgraded when significant demand for an upgrade can be demonstrated and the resources are available. The upgrade must be approved by the Director Information Technology or nominee.

Installing a New Application

(22) Applications installed in ITD Student Computer Laboratories must be correctly licensed to run in a laboratory environment. Proof of purchase and details of licensing must be made available to ITD before an application is installed or upgraded.

(23) Requests to install a new application or to upgrade an existing application are to be emailed to the ITD Service Desk at least twenty working days before the application is required for use in the laboratories. Refer to "Procedures" for the information required.

(24) Prior to installing any new application or upgrading an application into a production environment the application will be installed by ITD in a test environment and tested by ITD and the client for correct operation and compatibility with all other installed applications.

(25) Applications that do not work satisfactorily in a test environment will not be installed into a production environment.

(26) The Director of Information Technology or nominee may refuse a request to install an application where the application duplicates the functionality of an existing application or where the resources required to install and maintain the application are not justified by the projected usage of that application.

(27) It is the responsibility of the person requesting a new application to be installed or an existing application to be upgraded to arrange for and resource the provision of assistance if it is required for the installation or upgrade and to thoroughly test the application once it has been installed or upgraded. Testing is to be carried out so as to provide ITD with adequate time to resolve and fix problems.

(28) Negotiations must take place with ITD when there are a limited number of licences available and the application cannot be legally deployed to all laboratory machines. In such cases it may not be possible to legally install the software.


(29) Charges may apply for the use of Student Computer Labs by non-UNE entities.

Use of Laptops in Student Computer Laboratories

(30) ITD will provide a limited number of network ports for laptop computers in selected student laboratories.

(31) Users must contact the Service Desk for details on how to connect.

(32) UNE network security policies may restrict laptop users' access to the internet.

Maintenance and Replacement

(33) ITD will be responsible for the maintenance of the hardware and supported applications in ITD Student Computer Laboratories.

(34) ITD will be responsible for the replacement of computers, printers and supported applications in ITD Student Computer Laboratories.

(35) The hardware and supported applications in ITD Student Computer Laboratories will be reviewed, under the direction of the Director of Information Technology or nominee, at least once every three years and at least 4 months before an enforced change (e.g. leasing) of hardware or software.


(36) Breaches of this operating procedure will be dealt with as outlined in the "Rules for the Use of University of New England Computing and Communication Facilities".

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Section 4 - Definitions

(37) ITD Student Computer Laboratories: Computer laboratories controlled by ITD and available for general use by the University community. Functionality may be restricted in order to provide reliability, security and predictability of service and also to make effective use of technical support resources. Some applications may not operate successfully in this environment.

(38) ITD: Information Technology Directorate, University of New England.

(39) SLA (Service Level Agreement): An agreement between ITD and an Academic, Research or Administrative Unit or others to provide a service. Fees may apply.

(40) Supported Application: An application that ITD has agreed to make available from laboratory machines.

(41) Trainer: A person using a computer laboratory for training, lecturing or demonstrating.

(42) University Community: University staff and enrolled students.

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Section 5 - Appendix A

Student Computer Laboratories

(43) Student Computer Laboratories for which ITD is responsible are:

(44) ITD Building Room 2.17 (known as the "IT Lab1")

(45) ITD Building Room 2.18 (known as the "IT Lab2")

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Section 6 - Appendix B

Supported Applications

PCs - Core Applications

(46) Acrobat Reader

(47) Citrix ICA Client

(48) A directory mapping application

(49) Web browser

(50) Email (through Webmail)

(51) Anti-Virus Software

(52) MS Office

(53) SPSS for Windows

Macintosh - Core Applications

(54) Acrobat Reader

(55) Citrix ICA Client

(56) A directory mapping application

(57) Web browser

(58) Email (through Webmail)

(59) FTP Client

(60) Anti-Virus Software

(61) MS Office

Foreign Character Sets

(62) Chinese

(63) French

(64) German

(65) Indonesian

(66) Italian

(67) Japanese