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Terms of Reference (Vice-Chancellor approved) - Safety, Culture and Wellbeing Review Advisory Group

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Section 1 - Overview

Establishment of the Committee

(1) The Advisory Group is established as an Advisory Group of the Vice-Chancellor and is delegated a number of functions in relation to the Review of Safety, Culture and Wellbeing (the Review) at the University.

(2) The establishment of this Advisory Group and the delegation of powers to it are actions authorised by the Vice-Chancellor.


(3) The objectives of the Advisory Group are:

  1. to advise the Vice-Chancellor and Executive Team on matters supporting the Review, including the scope of the Review; stakeholder engagement during the Review and the findings of the Review and its recommendations; and
  2. to provide input into the procurement and selection process for the independent reviewer.
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Section 2 - Advisory Group Membership


(4) Members of the Advisory Group are as follows:

  1. Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Strategy (PVC-IS)(Chair)
  2. Director People and Culture
  3. Sixteen members appointed following an expression of interest process, reflecting the shape and diversity of the UNE workforce, a majority of whom are not members of the Senior Leadership Team, including:
    1. academic staff at all levels and academic leaders such as Deans, Associate Deans, Heads of School; and
    2. professional staff at all levels and professional leaders including Directors
  4. Two student members.

Co-opted members

(5) Additional members as may be co-opted from time to time for a specified period and purpose, at the discretion of the Chair.

In attendance

(6) The following are recognised Observers:

  1. Work Health and Safety Manager
  2. Program Manager, Safer Communities
  3. Any other person invited by the Chair.


(7) The Chair is the PVC-IS.

(8) At its first meeting, and subsequently if the role becomes vacant, the Group may elect a Deputy Chair from its membership.

(9) If the PVC-IS is unavailable to act as Chair, then the Deputy Chair will act as Chair. If the Chair or Deputy Chair is unavailable then the Advisory Group will elect a Chair to act during the period that both officers are unavailable.

Gender representation and diversity objectives

(10) Membership should comply with the Gender Representation on Decision Making and Advisory Committees Policy but more broadly, and to the greatest extent reasonably practicable, reflect other dimensions of the diversity of UNE staff. The Chair should ensure that the deliberations of the Group draw as fully as possible on the diversity of the Group, including on the experiences of the student members.

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Section 3 - Functions of the Advisory Group

(11) Functions of the Advisory Group are to:

  1. advise the Vice-Chancellor and Executive Team on matters supporting the conduct of the Review and prioritisation of Review recommendations for implementation following the Review;
  2. advise the Vice-Chancellor and Executive Team on the proposed the scope of the Review;
  3. participate in the selection of the independent reviewer in accordance with University Procurement policies;
  4. advise the Vice-Chancellor and Executive Team and the independent reviewer on stakeholder engagement during the Review; and
  5. consider the findings of the Review and its recommendations and advise the Vice-Chancellor and Executive Team.
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Section 4 - Authorities

(12) This Advisory Group is established under the authority of the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer, to perform the approval, advice and monitoring functions set out in these Terms of Reference, and all matters ancillary to those functions.

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Section 5 - Conduct of Advisory Group Business


(13) The Advisory Group will provide any advice/reports to the Vice Chancellor and Executive Team as required, or to any other University Committee at the discretion of the Chair, in particular the Audit and Risk Committee.


(14) The Advisory Group will meet monthly, usually via videoconferencing (which will not be recorded), and is expected to use technology and ‘flying minutes’ to attend to urgent matters. Advisory Group members are expected to be available on short notice, however, should be given as much notice as is practicable in the circumstances of matters arising.


(15) A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the members of the Advisory Group at the time the meeting is held.

Business papers

(16) Unless the Chair directs otherwise, Advisory Group business papers or ‘flying minutes’ and explanatory documents accompanying them, will be distributed to Advisory Group members as required, and with as much notice as is practicable under the circumstances.


(17) The Advisory Group may pass a resolution by ‘flying minute’ provided that the resolution has been approved by a simple majority of the Advisory Group members at the time the resolution is made.


(18) Meeting minutes will be kept, deidentified and circulated promptly following the meeting, including all action items.  These will require formal endorsement by the Advisory Group.

Disclosure of information

(19) Public disclosure of business papers, minutes and other information received by the Advisory Group will be made via the Chair or Secretary to the Advisory Group.

Use of technology

(20) For its business papers, meetings and otherwise to conduct its business the Advisory Group and its members may use technology including telephone, video-conferencing, telepresence, email and internet as arranged by the Chair and/or Advisory Group Secretary.


(21) Following delivery of the final recommendations to the Vice Chancellor and Executive Team, the Advisory Group shall devote at least one part of one meeting to the review of its policies, practices and procedures.

Secretary to the Committee

(22) Executive Officer to the Chief Operating Officer will act as Secretary and provide administrative support to the Committee.

(23) The Secretary is responsible for ensuring all Advisory Group agendas, minutes and reports are recorded in the University’s corporate record-keeping system (TRIM), in accordance with the University’s Records Management Rule.