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ITD Disk Space Allocation Operating Procedures

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Overview


(1) This operating procedure will be implemented under the direction of the Director Information Technology

(2) The operating procedure will be made publicly available and communicated to the University community.

(3) This operating procedure must be read in conjunction with the related policies and documents listed above and any other relevant University policy documents.

(4) This operating procedure will be reviewed at least every three years.


(5) To provide disk space for the use of the University community and approved projects.

(6) To provide disk space that is accessible by the major operating systems at UNE and to provide a transparent interchange of files between these operating systems.

(7) To provide disk space to individual operational units of the University where files can be shared by users within an operational unit.

(8) To enable operational units to structure and control their own central file storage area.

(9) To provide disk space for individual users to store their files.

(10) To provide scaleable services that will cost effectively meet the University's future demands.

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Section 2 - Operating Procedure:


(11) This operating procedure applies to the University community, University funded Operational Units and approved projects of the UNE.

(12) The operating procedure covers the provision of personal disk space for individual members of the University community.

(13) The operating procedure covers the provision of shared disk space for the Operational Units and approved projects of the University.


(14) Members of the University community have access to ITD provided disk space in accordance with the conditions set out in this operating procedure.

(15) Non members of the University community may request disk space e.g. approved projects.

Requests must be made through the Help Desk and be approved by the DIT or nominee.

(16) Users of ITD provided disk space must agree to abide by the University's policies and rules on computer use.

Availability of Disk Space

(17) Systems failures outside of normal business hours will be dealt with in accordance with the current ITD policies and procedures on after-hours support.

(18) Planned outages will follow the "ITD Infrastructure Maintenance Window Procedure"

(19) Where the security of the University's ICT infrastructure is considered to be at risk, access to ITD provided disk space may be restricted.

Disk Space and File Quotas

(20) Disk space quotas are set-out in Appendix A.

(21) Changes to these quotas must be approved by the DIT.

(22) For quotas not specified in Appendix A ITD System Administrators will set such quotas.

Requesting new disk space or an increase in quota

(23) Personal disk space will be allocated when a user registers as a University computer user.

(24) Operational Units must request their disk space.

(25) Students requiring an increase in their quota for files associated with their studies must make the request through the relevant academic staff member.

(26) Requests for new disk space or an increase in quota must be made through the Help Desk via the CRM.

(27) All requests must be approved by the DIT or nominee.

(28) In considering such a request the DIT or nominee shall take into account the cost and availability of resources and the importance of the provision of this space has in assisting

the University meet its strategic objectives.

(29) Where a request for extra, non-chargeable, disk space is not approved ITD will provide the option of a SLA to provide the disk space at a negotiated fee per Gigabyte.

Setting up and Security Settings of Files and Folders

(30) ITD is responsible for setting up the disk space for individual users, Operational Units and approved projects.

(31) ITD is responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of fileservers.

(32) File servers will comply with the I.C.T Infrastructure policy.

(33) Disk Space Administrators are responsible for the structure, control and security of their

(34) Operational Unit's disk space.

(35) ITD is responsible for providing training and reasonable ongoing assistance to Disk Space Administrators.

(36) Individual users are responsible for the structure, control and security of their personal disk space.

(37) Personal disk space cannot be shared between multiple users.

Users' Responsibilities

(38) Users are responsible for ensuring their files are free of damaging code (e.g. viruses, worms, Trojan horses etc.). ITD reserves the right to scan its disks to detect such files and

to modify, disable or delete such files.

(39) Users are responsible for ensuring they remain within their allocated disk space quota. For users who are over quota ITD reserves the right to archive a user's files and delete files in

order to bring their disk usage back within the quota.

(40) Users are responsible for ensuring that their desktop computers are correctly configured to access ITD disk storage.

Shared Disk Space between Organisational Units

(41) Operational Unit disk space cannot be shared with other Operational Units.

(42) Users requiring the sharing of files between Operational Units must negotiate a solution with ITD.

(43) The DIT or nominee must approve the solution.

(44) A SLA may apply.

Assistance with disk space problems

(45) All problems with Operational Unit disk space must be referred to the relevant Disk Space Administrator. The Disk Space Administrator will liaise with the ITD Help Desk.

(46) All other problems with disk space are to be reported to the ITD Help Desk.

Supported File Systems

(47) ITD will support file access protocols as listed in Appendix B.

(48) Requests to support file access protocols not listed may be made through the Help Desk.

They must be approved by the DIT or nominee and may be subject to a SLA.

(49) ITD will provide, where possible, cross platform access to files that is transparent and easy to use for the majority of end users e.g. Macintosh and PC platforms can transparently

(50) share files.

Charges for Disk Space

(51) There will be no charge to users for the disk space quotas set out in Appendix A.

(52) Any extra disk space will be subject to a negotiated fee approved by the DIT or nominee.

Maintenance and Replacement

(53) ITD is responsible for the replacement, maintenance and support of the hardware and software required to provide the disk space provided by this operating procedure.

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Section 3 - Definitions:

(54) Disk Space: Refers to disk space controlled by ITD and in which the file systems are maintained by ITD.

(55) Disk Space Administrator: The person in an Operational Unit, trained by ITD, who has responsibility for the structure, control and security of the Unit's disk space.

(56) DIT: Director of Information Technology, Information Technology Directorate, UNE.

(57) ICT: Information Communication Technologies

(58) ICTC: Information Communication Technology Committee, University of New England. The University committee that advises the Vice-Chancellor on IT policy.

(59) ITD: Information Technology Directorate, University of New England.

(60) SLA (Service Level Agreement): An agreement between two parties for a service with defined metrics around its delivery and cost.

(61) Operational Unit: An operational unit of the University is a unit such as a School in a Faculty or a Directorate. An Operational Unit must consist of at least fifteen staff. Units with less than fifteen staff require special approval from the DIT or nominee.

(62) Approved Projects: Projects approved by the senior management of the University.

(63) UNE: University of New England.

(64) Normal Business Hours: Normal business hours are between the hours of 9am and 5pm on week days excluding public holidays and University leave days.

(65) University Community: University staff and enrolled students.

Appendix A

Allocated Disk Space

Category User Space
Individuals 200MB
Operational Units 10GB

Appendix B

File Access Protocols




(66) SMB