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UNE Governance, Integrity and Standards Policy

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Section 1 -  Overview and Scope

(1) Governance, integrity and standards ensures high standards of professional conduct in corporate and academic governance activities, establish the professional practice, and ethical standards for UNE Representatives. The central objective of this policy is to achieve good governance outcomes that fostering and enhancing the reputation of University of New England (‘UNE’).

(2) UNE’s Governance Integrity and Standards Policy and associated information:

  1. set the core principles, values and behaviours that guide good governance practice;
  2. define key governance structures, roles and responsibilities;
  3. define effective decision-making practices;
  4. define delegations of authorities at UNE for corporate and academic governance and for management;
  5. define the expectations of people undertaking governance activities at UNE and the support provided by UNE;
  6. define the standard of practice expected in the conduct of specific governance functions at UNE; and
  7. define objectives of good governance practices, the monitoring and measurement of effectiveness and enforcement.

(3) This Policy and associated information apply to all corporate and academic governance activities undertaken by UNE Representatives. This includes strategic planning, financial management, decision-making, communication, performance monitoring and oversight, academic quality assurance, compliance, and fiduciary duties at UNE.

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Section 2 -  Principles

Principle 1:  We act with integrity and professional conduct to foster a positive, purpose driven, ethical and responsible governance culture.

Principle 2: We value participation, equity, inclusion and diversity to ensure the membership of governing bodies and committees collectively represent the diversity of UNE representative and students.

Principle 3: Our governance roles and responsibilities have clear accountability and oversight to make effective and efficient decisions.

Principle 4: We are transparent and responsive, committed to ensuring quality and lawful standards of practice of our Governance functions whilst furthering UNE’s objectives.

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Section 3 -  Authority and Compliance

(4) The Council, pursuant to Section 29 of the University of New England Act 1993 (NSW), makes this Policy which has the effect of a Rule.

(5) The Policy Owner and Policy Administrator for this Policy is the Director Governance and University Secretary, who is authorised to make minor administrative updates to this Policy, and to publish as associated documents any tool that will assist with compliance.

(6) UNE Representatives must observe this Policy in relation to University matters.

(7) This Policy is consistent with the University of New England Act 1993 (NSW) (‘UNE Act’) and the UNE By-Law 2005. They also consider the Voluntary Code of Best Practice for the Governance of Australian Public Universities, the guidance notes for Academic and Corporate Governance provided by the Tertiary Education and Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the ASX Corporate Governance Principles.

(8) This Policy operates as and from the Effective Date

(9) Previous Policies and Rules are replaced by this Policy and associated information.

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Section 4 -  Quality Assurance

(10) The Council will report annually on governance matters in the University’s Annual Report as agreed in the reporting framework.