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WHS G024 - Incident and Hazard Reporting in SkyTrust Guideline

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) This guideline is to be utilised by University staff who are reporting an incident/Hazard via SkyTrust, or for staff who are reporting on behalf of a student, contractor or visitor. 

(2) WHS P007 Incident/Hazard Reporting and Investigation Protocol provides the strategic direction on incident and hazard reporting. 

(3) When an incident is reported by a staff member on SkyTrust a notification will be sent to their supervisor. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to conduct the investigation. 

(4) Training in Incident and Hazard Reporting is available via SkyLearn, located in the SkyTrust training modules. 

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Section 2 - Scope

(5) This Guideline is to be utilised by University staff who have access to SkyTrust to report an incident/Hazard or staff who are reporting on behalf of a student, contractor or visitor. 

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Section 3 - Guideline

Incident Reporting

(6) Incident reporting details are required in the relevant sections of the form. These sections are self-explanatory in most parts however the table below identifies some information required. 

Reporting Fields  What information to include
Details of incident
* Incident date and time – as exact as possible.
* Business Unit and Location including Room Number if known.
* Exact location is IMPORTANT – (e.g. the front pathway approximately 10 metres from the front door).
* Incident details should include a detailed account of what happened. 
* Immediate Action Taken – should cover any first aid treatment, whether there was a hazard involved that was removed, whether the scene was preserved, supervisor, informed etc.
* Details of any witnesses including their phone numbers and email addresses if known. 
Outcome of the incident
* Near Miss means that the incident could have occurred, but didn’t.
* Notifiable Incidents only to be ticked ‘yes’ if required to be reported to the Safety Regulator such as SafeWork NSW, this should be completed or advice sought from the WHS team. 
Actual Consequences and Potential Consequences
* Complete as required.
* If a box is ticked yes then the risk matrix will appear to provide a rating for this. Select the most appropriate risk rating. 
Who needs to be notified
* Check that the name in this section as being emailed is your current supervisor. If not, add your supervisor’s name to the incident description so they can be allocated the investigation. 
* If the report is being made on behalf of a student, provide the details of the Student's Unit Coordinator. 
Injury Details
* If an injury was sustained then the injury details section is to be completed IN FULL. 
* Attach any medical certificates or other medical documents to the Documents section within the incident
Documents  Attach any relevant documents to the incident, photos, notes.   
Sign the incident * When the incident is reported complete the Signatures Section to sign off with the comment as Report Incident. You can use the mouse to sign the box for signature.
Ask WHS for help  * If you get stuck or need assistance, contact the WHS team for help.