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Parking Policy Procedures

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) The University of New England established a Restricted Parking Area and Pay Parking Scheme on campus in 2001. The parking scheme provides an equitable means of regulating parking on campus and enables the university to fund car park construction projects, car park upgrades, general maintenance and administration of transport and pedestrian infrastructure on campus. Income is generated from the sale of permits and as a result of a Self Enforced Infringement Notice Scheme.

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Section 2 - Scope

(2) These Procedures apply to the Parking Policy.

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Section 3 - Procedures

Access to Campus

(3) UNE campus is open to public access and the Restricted Parking Area and Pay Parking Scheme are not intended to restrict access to the campus.


(4) Permissive parking signs shall be erected within the Restricted Parking Area to advise users where vehicles are permitted to park.

(5) It is not a requirement to erect signage advising where vehicles are not permitted to park.

(6) Any vehicle that parks in contradiction to signage is deemed to have committed an offence and subject to the issue of a penalty notice.

Bringing a Vehicle on Campus

(7) Any person who brings a vehicle on to campus must apply for the appropriate parking permit or parking ticket or abide by the permissive parking signage.

(8) The issue of a parking permit entitles the vehicle to park in a designated parking bay only, to the extent that such space is available.

(9) Vehicles must park in designated parking bays only. Parking bays are identified by permissive parking signage, and may be further identified with:

  1. A painted marking on the road surface, and/or
  2. A 'bump stop' device affixed to the road surface.

(10) Being issued a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space will be available.

Hours of Operation

(11) Restricted Parking Area operates 24 hours a day year round.

(12) Pay parking bays operate as indicated on the corresponding permissive parking signs Monday-Friday.

(13) Pay for Parking does not operate at weekends or on public holidays.

(14) The UNE parking calendar year commences on the 1st March and concludes on the last day of February of the following year.

Permit Parking Areas

(15) Permit areas are identified by colour patches on permissive parking signs.

(16) Vehicles must display a valid permit in clear view from the outside of the vehicle with all permit details displayed.

(17) Permits can be issued as are either an annual permit (12 months) or trimester permit (4 months) for designated permit categories.

General Parking Permit (Blue Permit)

(18) There are no restrictions on who can purchase a blue parking permit.

(19) Vehicles displaying a Blue permit are permitted to park in blue parking bays only.

Primary Reserved Parking Permit (Red Permit)

(20) Red permits are made available upon application to UNE Life.

(21) Red bays will be first offered and allocated to staff that hold the position of Director / Head of School or above.

(22) Any Red bays that have not been allocated to Directors/Head of School or above will be allocated to eligible staff and/or students by UNE lifUNE Life.

(23) All decisions regarding the allocation of red parking bays will be final.

(24) Red parking bays are numbered and are for the exclusive use of the allocated permit holder during the prescribed hours of operation.

(25) Red parking bays allocated to members of staff who leave employment of the university or students who cease to be enrolled must surrender their assigned bay for reallocation on their separation date from the University.

(26) Red permit holders are eligible for a blue parking permit to a corresponding timeframe upon surrender of the red parking permit.

(27) Vehicles displaying a red permit are permitted to park in blue bays.

Gold Parking Permit (Gold)

(28) Gold permits are issued to members of the UNE Council free of charge and are provided for use by members when on Council business only.

(29) The holder of a valid gold permit is permitted to park in blue, green, pink and purple bays as well as loading zones and timed bays for extended periods to that signposted.

(30) Members of the Council who leave or resign their position from Council must surrender their Gold Permit on their separation date from Council.

Service Vehicle Parking Permit (Green)

(31) Service vehicle permits are made available to university motor fleet vehicles and approved contracted service providers upon application.

(32) Vehicles displaying a green permit are permitted to park in green and blue permit bays and loading zones for extended periods to that signposted.

Special Works Permits (Yellow)

(33) Special works permits are available to trade contractors involved in project works being undertaken on a university campus.

(34) The holder of a special works permit is permitted to park in specially cordoned off temporary project parking zones only.

Booloominbah Collection Permit (Pink)

(35) Booloominbah Collection permits are issued by UNE Life and are for the exclusive use of patrons of the Booloominbah Collection. Pink permit bays in the Booloominbah car park operate between the hours of 11.30am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

(36) Pink permit bays in the Booloominbah car park outside the 11.30am to 2.30pm time frame operate as timed bays.

(37) Vehicles displaying a pink permit are permitted to park in pink permit bays only.

Parking Tickets (Purple)

(38) Parking tickets are made available to visitors by means of parking ticket machines.

(39) Vehicles displaying a valid parking ticket are permitted to park in designated purple and blue permit parking bays only.

(40) Daily parking tickets are sold on a pro rata basis.

(41) Weekly parking tickets are sold at flat rate.

Temporary Parking Permits

(42) Temporary permits will be made available as deemed necessary by UNE Life.

Visitor Parking Permits (Scratch-and-Display)

(43) Scratch-and-display permits will be made available to university stakeholders to facilitate parking for official visitors.

(44) Scratch-and-display permits can be purchased from UNE Life.

(45) Scratch-and-display permits are not to be used by staff or Students to pay for parking for their own vehicles.

Timed Parking Bays

(46) Vehicles are not required to display a parking permit to park in timed bays.

(47) The duration for which a vehicle may park in a timed parking bay is clearly displayed on the signage corresponding to that parking bay.

Loading Zones

(48) Vehicles must not park in a loading zone unless the driver is undertaking loading or unloading, or unless otherwise permitted to do so by means of a parking permit.

(49) Vehicles must not park continuously in a loading zone for longer than 30 minutes, unless otherwise authorized to do so by means of a parking permit.

Mobility Parking

(50) Only vehicles displaying a valid Australian Disability Parking Scheme permit are permitted to park in designated disabled bays.

(51) University issued permits do not allow parking in a designated disabled bays.

(52) Vehicles displaying an Australian Disability Parking Scheme permit are not permitted to park in red permit bays.

(53) Temporary mobility permits may be issued, upon application to UNE Life to facilitate parking for permit holders that are temporally incapacitated.

(54) Temporary mobility permits allow vehicles to park in blue and green permit bays as well as loading zones without time constraint.

Special Event Parking

(55) Special Event Parking areas will be clearly designated by signage.

(56) A parking permit is not required to park in a Special Event Parking area.

Fees and Charges

(57) Fees and charges are subject to Consumer Price Index (CPI) variations and any such variation will be applied on an annual basis at the discretion of the Chief Operating Officer.

(58) Permits and tickets are non refundable.


(59) Lost/stolen permits can be replaced free of change upon application to Safety, Security and Information.


(60) Enforcement of the Parking Policy and Procedures is delegated to Safety, Security and Information. Management of infringement processing is provided by Revenue NSW.

(61) Penalty notices can be issued when vehicles are found to be in breach of the Parking Policy and these Procedures.

(62) Penalty Notice appeals are to be made direct with Revenue NSW.

Transfer of Permits

(63) Permits may be transferred between vehicles of the same owner.

Motorcycle Parking

(64) The parking of motorcycles on campus is free of charge when motorcycles park in designated motorcycle parking areas. If a motorcycle parks in a permit bay then it must display a valid permit/ticket of that colour.

(65) Motorcycles when parking in a timed parking bay must comply with the signage corresponding to that parking bay.

Bus Parking

(66) Buses are permitted to park in designated bus parking areas free of charge.

Residing in Vehicles

(67) Residing in vehicles is not permitted. Individuals found to be camping/sleeping in vehicles overnight will be requested to cease and may be referred to an appropriate authority for further action.

Abandoned Vehicles

(68) Following identification of a vehicle that is suspected of being abandoned, action will be undertaken to facilitate its removal.

Parking is at Your Own Risk

(69) The University accepts no responsibility for vehicles parked on campus. Parking on campus is at your own risk. It is the driver/riders responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is secure.

Surrender of Permit

(70) Where surrender of an exclusive allocation permit is made the owner is eligible to receive a blue permit to the same time period of validity.


(71) The parking of a Trailer on campus is free of charge when parked in blue permit bays.

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Section 4 - Definitions

(72) "Abandoned Vehicle" means any vehicle whose registration has expired, and / or has not been moved for a period of at least 30 days or is of unknown ownership.

(73) "Bus" means a motor vehicle built mainly to carry people that seats over 12 adults (including the driver).

(74) "Residing" means sleeping /camping overnight in a vehicle on any University Campus.

(75) "Campus" means the whole of land defined under Schedule 2 of the Road Transport (General) Regulation 2013.

(76) "Contracted Service Provider" means an organisation or individual that engages with the University to undertake construction, maintenance or repair type work. A "Contracted Service Provider" is not an organization or individual that performs administrative, teaching or research type activities under a salary/contract arrangement with the University.

(77) "Disabled Bay" means a parking bay sign posted with a Roads & Maritime Services Disabled symbol.

(78) "Loading" means when a vehicle stops / parks in a designated Loading bay in order to load and unload goods.

(79) "Mobility Parking" means the Roads & Maritime Services Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) that provides parking concessions to people with mobility disabilities.

(80) "Motor Bike / Motor Cycle" means a two or three wheel vehicle as defined by Road Rules 2008.

(81) "Parking Bay" in relation to a restricted parking area, means that portion of a restricted parking area in which a vehicle may stand or be parked, identified by parking signage. In addition to parking signage line markings on the pavement or road and/or bump stops may be present to identify a parking bay;

(82) "Parking Permit" means a document which authorises the standing or parking of vehicles on a carriageway of a road or in an off-street parking area, being a document the issue of which is authorised under this policy for private and personal modes of transport in the Restricted Parking Area.

(83) "Permissive Parking Sign" means a notification in language or symbol erected, painted on or affixed to a building or structure or marked on the ground or otherwise displayed including on any part of the Campus displayed by authority of the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer, and "sign" includes markings which indicate a pedestrian crossing.

(84) "Parking Ticket" means a receipt issued by a UNE Parking Machine for payment of parking fees.

(85) "Parking Ticket Machine" means a device designed to issue parking tickets, and includes the stand on which such a device is erected which has been approved by the Roads and Maritime Services of New South Wales.

(86) "Penalty Notice" means a General Penalty Notice on which particulars of an offence alleged to have been committed against the University of New England Parking Policy & Parking Procedures are recorded.

(87) "Register of Authorised Vehicles" means the register kept by Parking Administration in relation to parking permits sold which includes details of the owner & their vehicle.

(88) "Restricted Parking Area" means an area defined by traffic control signs displayed adjacent to the Campus entrances and exits.

(89) "Safety, Security and Information Officer" means a person employed by a security company or organisation engaged to provide security services to the University as a Safety, Security and Information Officer.

(90) "Scratch & Display Permit" means a parking permit used by non staff & guests of the University as well as external organisations to pay for parking.

(91) "Senior Executive" means the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer and his/her direct reports, excluding support staff.

(92) "Special Event Parking "means a designated area on campus that is established to cater for an anticipated increase in vehicle numbers attending an event where normal parking arrangements are not expected to meet that demand.

(93) "Timed Parking" means a designated parking area with a restriction on how long a vehicle can park. The time restriction and /or hours of operation are displayed on parking signs in the area of the parking bay.

(94) "Vehicle" means motor vehicle or any description of vehicle upon wheels.

(95) "Visitor" means any person who brings a vehicle onto the Campus who is not the holder of a valid permit.