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UNE Governance Chart Guideline

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Overview

(1) Under the UNE Act, the UNE Council is the University's governing authority, with responsibility for the control and management of the University. The UNE Governance Chart is a visual tool that outlines the University's suite of key Committees and Boards as well as Senior Executive roles, and maps the flow of decision-making information to Council. This flow of information across the University and upwards to Council via its Committees, Boards, the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer and Senior Executive staff, ensures Council has every opportunity to develop a robust understanding of all aspects of the University's academic, key operational and managerial infrastructure.

(2) UNE's Academic Board is established under Section 15 of the UNE Act, and Part 5 of the UNE By-law. UNE's Academic Board, with advice from its expert sub-committees, reports to and provides advice to the Council on academic matters. The Academic Board also monitors the work of the University's management in relation to academic matters and provides advice to the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer on these matters. The Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer is the University's CEO, with functions conferred or imposed by or under the UNE Act (including the authority delegated to the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer by the University Council). Council has delegated to the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer, the authority for the management and operations of the University, subject to matters over which the authority has been retained by the Council itself.

(3) Under this structure, the UNE Governance Framework Rule is the University's instrument to support and ensure good governance at UNE. It outlines the way in which the University is governed, and explains the connections between the components of governance at UNE. Its development has been formed by external legislation, best practice benchmark and compliance requirements. Governance at UNE, as described within the Rule, is categorised into the following components: planning and communication; levels of authority; policy framework; compliance framework; risk management; and performance evaluation.

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Section 2 - Scope

(4) This guideline has been developed under the UNE Governance Framework.

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Section 3 - Guideline

(5) Please click here of the UNE Governance Chart