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Online Learning Resources Procedures

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Please note: The UNE policy-based response to Government directions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic was approved by the Academic Board Standing Committee on 31 March 2020. A link to the response is provided at clauses impacted by the current extraordinary circumstances, and provides additional information to support the application of this policy instrument.  

Section 1 - Overview

(1) These procedures support the Online Learning Resources Rule and provide practical assistance for UNE Representatives involved in the development, administration and delivery of online Learning Resources.

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Section 2 - Scope

(2) These procedures apply to UNE Representatives involved in the development, administration and delivery of online Learning Resources via the University Learning Management System (LMS).

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Section 3 - Procedures


(3) Non-centrally supported online tools may not be used for assessment unless authorised by the Head of School.

(4) Information contained on the unit LMS site must be identical to the relevant unit information contained in the Course and Unit Catalogue on the University website.

Please note regarding clause 4 above: Please refer to Section 3.3 of the UNE policy-based response to Government directions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic for additional information relating to the application of this clause. 

(5) Staff should access copyright resources (e.g. guidelines/policy) to ensure they are aware of their copyright obligations and rights, including moral rights, in relation to Learning Resources.

(6) To assist Students with unit revision and examination preparation, online Learning Resources should remain accessible on the unit site until after the special examination period for the relevant trimester.

Management of Learning Resources

(7) The version of the online Learning Resources released to students will be provided through the University's LMS (with the exception of Learning Resources provided by the University Library). This record will be the official record for all management, administrative and legal purposes of the Learning Resources for any unit or course.

(8) Access to Learning Resources provided by the University Library will be:

  1. via the Library web site, by the provision of permanent link mechanisms to licensed materials held on the providers' servers; and
  2. from electronic reserve.

(9) All UNE-Authored Learning Resources will maintain consistency of common policy and regulatory information, accessibility standards and be consistent with University style, intellectual property, copyright and branding policies.

Submission Deadlines and Release to Students

(10) Details of all published Third Party Copyright materials used under Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) required for inclusion in electronic reserve must be submitted to the Library six weeks before the materials are required during the trimester.

(11) The authorised (by the Head of School) version of the core Learning Resources will be available to students at least one week prior to the start of the trimester.

(12) Electronic reserve readings will normally be available as required during the trimester.

(13) Supplementary Learning Resources may be released online during the teaching period.

Lecture Capture

(14) When lectures are being recorded the requirements of privacy and copyright legislation must be considered, in particular, of the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 (NSW) and the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

(15) Staff should inform the audience that the lecture is being recorded.

(16) Where lecturers want to stop recording during lecture capture (e.g. due to privacy, confidentiality, or copyright issues) within a class, they may pause and resume recording. Lecturers may also edit a recording after it has been published to improve its quality or to delete inappropriate content.

(17) Under normal circumstances, lectures that are recorded will be made available on the relevant unit site within 24 hours after the conclusion of the lecture. Unit Coordinators may choose to be selective about which lectures they release and the timing of the availability of lectures.

Special Needs Students

(18) Upon a request from a Student with special needs (declared to the Special Needs Office) the University is obliged to make reasonable adjustments to online Learning Resources, providing that these adjustments are appropriate for the content, the discipline and the learning outcomes of the unit.

(19) Decisions on reasonable adjustments are the responsibility of the Unit Coordinator and Head of School in consultation with the Student or an associate of the Student and with the advice and support of the Special Needs Office to develop a Study Access Plan (SAP).

Records Management

(20) All online Learning Resources must be retained at least until no longer required for teaching or other purposes as per the University Records Management Rule.

Authority and Compliance

(21) The Rule Administrator, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation), pursuant to the Online Learning Resources Rule, makes these procedures.

(22) University Representatives must observe these procedures in relation to University matters.

(23) These procedures operate as and from the Effective Date.

(24) Previous procedures relating to Learning Resources are replaced and have no further operation from the Effective Date of this procedure.

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Section 4 - Definitions

(25) Copyright gives legal rights to owners of creative products and materials in the form of a limited monopoly over the use of those materials, including copying and reproduction.

(26) Core Learning Resources comprises the minimum Learning Resources the student must engage with in order to complete the assessment requirements for a unit.

(27) Effective Date is the date on which this procedure will take effect.

(28) Learning Management System is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology teaching and learning programs.

(29) Learning Resources comprise the sum of both 'UNE-Authored Learning Resources' and 'Third Part Copyright and Licensed Materials' required in order to meet the assessment requirements for that unit.

(30) Lecture Capture is the recording of classroom-based activities that are made available for review after the class.

(31) Moral rights means creators of work have the right to be attributed or acknowledged when their work is used; the right not to have their work falsely attributed; and the right not have their work subjected to derogatory treatment.

(32) Rule Administrator is the Vice-Chancellor or delegate.

(33) Supplementary Learning Resources comprises content that will enhance a student's learning or understanding. It is not content that the student must engage with in order to successfully complete the assessment tasks.

(34) Third Party Copyright and Licensed Materials comprise materials for which the copyright is held by the author or publisher (not the University) or obtained through a services aggregator and for which the requirements of Australian copyright law or licensing agreements with the aggregator services must be adhered.

(35) UNE-Authored Learning Resources comprise, assignment topics, worksheet, journals and other materials created by University staff where the Unit Coordinator or UNE will not be infringing copyright by distributing said material to enrolled students.

(36) University Representative means a University employee (casual, fixed term and permanent), contractor, agent, appointee, UNE Council member, adjunct, visiting academic and any other person engaged by the University to undertake some activity for or on behalf of the University. It includes corporations and other bodies falling into one or more of these categories.