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Course Coordinator Policy

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Section 1 - Rationale and Scope

(1) This policy defines the scope of the role of Course Coordinator at the University of New England and establishes a framework for appointment of a Course Coordinator, including selection criteria and terms of appointment. The policy should be read in conjunction with Course Coordinator Procedures.

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Section 2 - Policy


(2) The Course Coordinator is vital to the academic function of the University of New England. The Course Coordinator provides leadership and works with the Heads of Schools, and the course team.

(3) Each Course or discipline group of courses is required to have an appointed Course Coordinator.

(4) The appointment of staff to the role of Course Coordinator is transparent and aligned with UNE's Enterprise Agreement and UNE's Employment Equity and Diversity objectives.

Scope of the Course Coordinator Role

(5) The Course Coordinator plays a key role in leading and managing a course and facilitating university-wide engagement with the course team.

(6) Specific responsibilities of the Course Coordinator include the following in respect of an individual Course.

  1. Course Leadership: oversee the implementation at the Course level of UNE's teaching and learning priorities including leadership in innovative course development, curriculum design, development, implementation, evaluation, monitoring and review.
  2. Quality Enhancement: manage Course quality and the on-going improvement processes in accordance with relevant University rules and policies.
  3. Student Management: provide academic advice on complex Course requirements and student matters as outlined in the General Rules.
  4. External Relationship Management: monitor changes in the external environment and liaise with relevant internal stakeholders, professional, industry and community bodies, in consultation with the Head of School.
  5. Marketing and Recruitment: Promote the Course in conjunction with relevant University directorates.
  6. Regularly report on course issues and outcomes to the Head of School.

Appointment of a Course Coordinator

(7) Applicants for the role of Course Coordinator will be invited to express interest in the role by the relevant Head of School.

(8) Appointment to the role of Course Coordinator will be made by the Executive/Management Committee of the responsible School.

(9) An Equal Employment Opportunity Observer should be part of the selection process.

(10) The term of appointment will be for two years.

Selection Criteria

(11) The selection criteria will be set by the Head of School and Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

(12) To ensure consistency the following criteria must be included as a minimum:

  1. Applicant employed at Level C or above.
  2. Approval to appoint at Level B may be sought from the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor.
  3. Demonstrated capacity to undertake the duties/tasks associated with the position of Course Coordinator as designated in 6.