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Redeployment Procedure

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) This Procedure supports the process for redeployment and applies only to those staff who have an entitlement to redeployment provided for in their terms and conditions of employment.

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Section 2 - Procedure

(2) Where a staff member has not been transferred into a position in a new structure following the finalisation of a workplace change process, they will be advised that their position is redundant.

(3) The displaced staff member will have ten (10) working days from the date of receipt of the letter advising that their position is redundant, to elect to be redeployed or retrenched.

(4) Where a staff member elects to be considered for redeployment, the University will take all reasonable steps to identify a position within the University to which the displaced staff member may be redeployed.

(5) A redeployment period of a maximum of six (6) months will commence from the date when the notice of election is received in People and Culture.

(6) A displaced staff member who has elected to be considered for redeployment may not refuse a reasonable offer of redeployment or training.

(7) A Cost Centre may not refuse to accept a staff member awaiting redeployment who has a reasonable match of skills and experience for a vacant position.

(8) A displaced staff member may be redeployed to a position classified up to two levels lower than that of the position previously occupied. Once confirmed in the position, this will become the staff member's classification.

Placement and Review

(9) During the redeployment period, the displaced staff member will be provided with appropriate work in their existing Cost Centre and may undertake such training identified by the Supervisor as likely to assist in redeployment. Where there is no suitable work in the existing Cost Centre, appropriate work will be found in another Cost Centre.

(10) Any reasonable costs associated with retraining a staff member on the redeployment list will be met by the Cost Centre from which the position is redundant.

(11) The assessment of suitability for a staff member's redeployment into a particular position will be based on the staff member's skills, qualifications, and capacity to be trained to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position.

(12) In electing redeployment, a staff member agrees to be retrained, as required by the University.

(13) A redeployment review period of up to three months will apply before a redeployment appointment is confirmed. The redeployment review will be for the purpose of ensuring that the staff member can reasonably fulfil the duties of the position.

(14) Where it is determined that the staff member is unable to reasonably fulfil the duties of the new position the University will continue, for the remainder of the redeployment period, to attempt to place the staff member in a suitable position. If the redeployment period has expired during the review period the staff member will be retrenched.

(15) Where a displaced staff member's appointment to a redeployment position is confirmed, they will have no claim on any further redeployment options.

Salary Maintenance

(16) The staff member's salary costs will remain the responsibility of the Cost Centre from which the position is redundant until such time as the staff member is placed in a suitable position or is retrenched.

(17) A staff member redeployed to a position which is at a lower classification level than their former position, will have their salary frozen until their salary rate is overtaken by the top step of the salary range of the new position.

(18) Any additional salary cost incurred will be the responsibility of the Cost Centre receiving the redeployment.

HRS Processes

(19) People and Culture will maintain a redeployment list and, will ensure that any displaced staff members on the redeployment list will be considered for vacant positions prior to the position being advertised.

(20) Staff on the redeployment list will be assessed by the Organisational Development unit with a view to identifying:

  1. their skills and qualifications;
  2. the nature of positions for which the person may be considered suitable; and
  3. any training which may assist in finding suitable redeployment opportunities.

(21) This assessment will be used to determine whether a staff member's skills, qualifications, and capacity to be trained meet the requirements for a vacant position.

(22) Where a suitable redeployment opportunity is identified, People and Culture will facilitate the redeployment of the staff member into the position.

(23) Where there is more than one staff member on the redeployment list who would appear to be suitable for a vacant position, a selection process will occur in accordance with the University's General Staff Selection Policy.

(24) All documentation regarding redeployment will be retained on the staff member's personnel file.

Expiry of Redeployment Period

(25) A displaced staff member who elects to be considered for redeployment but for whom a continuing position has not been identified within the redeployment period will be retrenched in accordance with Redundancy/Retrenchment Policy.

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Section 3 - Definitions

(26) 'Displaced staff member' means a staff member whose position has been made redundant.

(27) 'Retrenched' means the termination of the employment of a displaced staff member.

(28) 'Redeployed' means a displaced staff member is found suitable alternative employment within the University.