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New Staff Relocation Assistance Policy

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Section 1 - Overview

This policy outlines the relocation assistance provided by the University to new staff relocating to commence an appointment with the University. The University recognises that the cost of relocation can be significant and aims to provide assistance in offsetting some of these costs.
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Section 2 - Scope

This policy will apply to:

(1) New staff with an appointment of 50% or more of a full-time equivalent appointment for a period of at least two years, which are:

  1. Recurrently funded appointments:
    1. Professional staff at HEO7 level and above.
    2. Academic staff at Level B and above.
  2. Externally funded appointments where funds have been allocated for this purpose.
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Section 3 - Policy

The assistance provided includes:


(2) Reimbursement of expenses incurred by travelling to the new location by private vehicle, up to a maximum equivalent to the cost of the relevant economy airfares; or

(3) Reimbursement of one-way economy airfare(s) for the New Staff Member and their Dependant(s) by the most direct route from their existing place of residence to their new place of residence.

Removal of personal effects

(4) New staff are responsible for arrangements with a removalist of their choice.

(5) Upon production of original receipt/s or invoice/s, the University will contribute towards the cost of removal:

Location Without Dependants With Dependants
NSW, Victoria and Queensland Up to $3500 Up to $5000
South Australia, West Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania Up to $5000 Up to $7200
Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Tonga Up to $5000 Up to $7200
Asia (incl. India, China, Singapore) Up to $5000 Up to $7200
UK, USA, Canada & Europe Up to $10 000 Up to $14 000

(6) Note: The amounts specified above are quoted in Australian dollars.

(7) The University will review the above rates each financial year.

(8) The University will not accept liability for damage or loss incurred during transit of furniture and personal effects. Insurance is the responsibility of new staff.

(9) One claim for removal assistance will be accepted and must be submitted within three months of commencing duty, unless otherwise arranged prior to commencing employment.

(10) In the event that two appointments are made from the one household, the level of assistance available to the members of the household will be the appropriate rate for accompanied new staff as specified in clause 5 of this Policy.

(11) Assistance provided to new staff holding a temporary or permanent visa will be in accordance with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship legislation.

Separation from employment within the first two years of service.

(12) An employee who resigns, retires, is terminated for unsatisfactory performance or misconduct/serious misconduct within two years of commencement of employment, is liable to repay the travel and removal assistance, on a pro rata basis, calculated as:

a = months of service;
b = total cost incurred by the University.
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Section 4 - Definitions

(13) Dependant - means spouse, partner, child or other financial dependant.

(14) New Staff Member - means a person recruited either from overseas or within Australia relocating from their existing place of residence to their new place of residence to take up a position at the University of New England.