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HDR - Extensions to Research Student Candidature Policy

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Section 1 - Policy

Period of extensions allowed

(1) Requests for extensions are normally considered for a period of three months full time equivalent candidature, and will not be approved by the Academic Board  Research Committee unless extenuating circumstances prevail over which students have no control. In such cases the procedures in paragraphs 3a-c must be followed.

(2) Further extension beyond the initial time will only be awarded where students are able to demonstrate that substantial progress towards submission of their thesis has been made since their last extension and that without additional time, they would endure hardship and be unable to complete the thesis.

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Section 2 - Procedures

Applications for Extensions

(3) Applications for extensions to candidature must include:

  1. a strong case that is endorsed by the Principal Supervisor and Head of School;
  2. a statement from the Principal Supervisor which includes an evaluation of Student progress to date and anticipated outcome of the extension if granted; and importantly
  3. the Student must provide a time schedule detailing activities from the start of the extension to submission.

(4) The application must then be forwarded to the Secretary, Academic Board  Research Committee.