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Bespoke Programs Policy

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Section 1 - Overview & Scope

(1) This Policy provides the framework for the development, marketing, admission, delivery, support and recognition of non-Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) compliant UNE Bespoke Programs.

(2) This Policy applies to UNE Representatives and students involved in Bespoke Programs.

(3) Within this Policy, Part A covers Bespoke Programs.

Part A - Bespoke Programs

Development and fees

(4) UNE’s Bespoke Programs are designed to provide students with the opportunity to participate in University-level study through non-award enrolment. Bespoke Programs are non-AQF compliant programs of study, consisting of a bundle of two, three or four units that enables participants to customise a study sequence from a specified schedule of units offered by UNE.

(5) The Head of School (or delegate) will nominate units that are available for completion in a Bespoke Program. The units will be identified as either introductory or advanced depending on the pre-requisite knowledge required and the unit outcomes.

(6) Bespoke Program fees will be set annually by the Senior Executive and published on the UNE website. Invoice, receipt of payments and refund of fees will be managed by Financial Services.

Marketing and information for students

(7) UNE Marketing is responsible for the promotion of UNE Bespoke Programs, including the relevant UNE website.

(8) The list of available units for Bespoke Programs are identified through the UNE website and UNE Course Handbook.

(9) Applicants must be provided with the following information to assist in making informed decisions regarding enrolment:

  1. guidance on admission and enrolment requirements, including required prior knowledge, pre-requisites or co-requisites;
  2. fees, ancillary costs, cancellation advice and refund information;
  3. unit content and expected learning outcomes;
  4. attendance and assessment requirements;
  5. type of certification to be awarded upon successful completion of the course; and
  6. links to the Admission, Credit and Enrolment Policy for advice on how to seek inclusion of units from a Bespoke Program into a UNE award course.

Admission and Enrolment

(10) Admission to a Bespoke Program is open entry providing an applicant satisfies the English Language Requirements outlined in the Admission, Credit and Enrolment Policy. Applicants can study online or on-campus, however international on-campus students must meet visa requirements.

(11) Applications for admissions will be submitted through the UNE website and managed by the Student Pathways team. Successful applicants will be provided with a confirmation of enrolment letter. Upon enrolment, applicants will be considered a UNE student and will be subject to all applicable UNE policies.

(12) When enrolling in units, the UNE Course Handbook will identify if a unit requires pre-requisite knowledge that must have been successfully completed before a student may enrol in the unit. Should the student consider they have the necessary prior knowledge to enrol in the unit, they must contact the Unit Coordinator to request a waiver to permit enrolment in the unit. The Unit Coordinator, consistent with Clause 19(a) of the Course and Unit Coordinator Policy, will provide a waiver.

(13) Students are limited to a total enrolment of four units, with a limit of one unit which requires pre-requisite knowledge in their first trimester.

Progression and completion

(14) Students must complete their Bespoke Program within a maximum of three calendar years from commencement. Where a student fails a unit, they may repeat the unit once only, and will be charged the original fee for the unit. No discount will be given for re-enrolment in the unit.

(15) A student may re-enrol once in a unit in order to achieve a higher grade. The student will be charged the current fee for the unit and no discount will be given for re-enrolment in the unit.

(16) Students cannot receive credit into their Bespoke Programs. Students who progress to an UNE-award course may be eligible for credit depending on the course rules and the Admission, Credit and Enrolment Policy.

(17) Students will receive a Certificate of Completion upon satisfactory completion of a Bespoke Program. The certificate will contain the UNE logo and crest and be signed by the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer (VC&CEO) (or delegate) in accordance with the Academic Qualifications Issuance Policy. An academic transcript will be available to students.

(18) Students who successfully complete a Bespoke Program will not be eligible to participate in a UNE graduation ceremony.


(19) The Education Enterprise Directorate Education Committee is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and improving Bespoke Programs.

Summary of Roles and Responsibilities

Heads of School
Nominates units that are available for completion in a Bespoke Program.
UNE Marketing
Promotes Bespoke Programs and manages UNE website
Student Pathways
Manages admission process
Education Enterprise Directorate Education Committee
Responsible for monitoring, evaluating and improving Bespoke Programs.
Provides an annual report on program outcomes to governance committees.
Manages invoices, payments and refunds.
Request Unit Coordinators waive pre-requisites or co-requisites to allow enrolment in units.
Manage progression in accordance with this Policy
Unit Coordinators
Waive pre-requisites or co-requisites on request of students
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Section 2 - Authority and Compliance


(20) The Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer (VC&CEO), consistent with the Vice-Chancellor Functions Rule, makes this Policy.

(21) The Executive Principal Education Futures (EP Ed Futures) is authorised to make procedures and processes for the effective implementation and operation of this Policy, and to publish as associated documents any tool that will assist with compliance.

(22) The Policy Administrator for this Policy is the Director Governance and University Secretary who is authorised to make minor administrative updates to this Policy.


(23) UNE Representatives and Students must observe this Policy. 

(24) This Policy operates as and from the Effective Date.

(25) Previous Policies on Bespoke Programs are replaced and have no further operation from the Effective Date of this Policy.

(26) Notwithstanding other provisions of this Policy, the VC&CEO may approve an exception to this Policy where the VC&CEO determines the application of this Policy would otherwise lead to an unfair, unreasonable or absurd outcome. Approvals by the VC&CEO under this clause must:

  1. be documented in writing
  2. state the reason for the exception; and
  3. be registered in the approved UNE electronic Records Management System in accordance with the Records Management Rule.
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Section 3 - Quality Assurance

(27) UNE’s Plan-Act-Evaluate-Improve quality cycle is applied to Bespoke Programs. The Education Enterprise Directorate Education Committee will consider academic outcomes on an annual basis as part of the ongoing improvement of the Program.

(28) The Education Enterprise Directorate Education Committee will provide an annual report on Program outcomes, including progression and evaluation results, to Teaching and Learning Committee, Curriculum Committee, Academic Board and the Academic Portfolio Executive Committee.