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Bespoke Programs Procedure

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Section 1 - Overview

(1) The purpose of this document is to:

  1. establish a framework for the marketing, quality, delivery, support and recognition of non-Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)compliant Bespoke Programs at UNE; and
  2. ensure compliance with Commonwealth legislative and regulative requirements in relation to these offerings.
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Section 2 - Scope

(2) This document applies to all UNE activities and UNE Representatives associated with the development, marketing, delivery, support and recognition of Bespoke Programs as defined by this document.

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Section 3 - Procedure


(3) UNE Bespoke Programs are designed to provide an identified latent market with the opportunity to participate in University study through non-award enrolment without the initial commitment of admission to an AQF approved course.

(4) UNE Bespoke Programs are designed to diversfy and grow income by creating a sustainable increase in load and revenue in online delivery through the establishment of a range of non-traditional study options.

Bespoke Program Development and Approval

(5) A Bespoke Program consists of Units offered by the University.

(6) Head of School will nominate units to be included in the list of units available for a Bespoke Program.

(7) Where a unit has a pre-requisite or co-requisite, the Unit Coordinator will provide a determination of waiver to permit enrolment in the Unit, consistent with Clause 19(d) of the General Rules and in accordance with the Higher Education Support Act (HESA).

(8) The list of available units for each trimester will be approved by the appropriate Head of School and the Online Growth Advisory Group.

Bespoke Program Structure

(9) Units will be available in bundles of two, three and four units relevant to subject or discipline areas.

(10) The level of Units will be identified as either introductory or advanced depending on the pre-requisite knowledge required and subsequent Learning Outcomes.

(11) The UNE Course and Unit Catalogue (CAUC) will identify where a unit requires pre-requisite knowledge that must have been successfully completed before a student may enrol in the Unit. Students are limited to a total enrolment of four Units, with a limit of one Unit which requires pre-requisite knowledge for their first trimester.

Bespoke Programs Ownership

(12) Ownership of the Bespoke Programs resides with the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation).


(13) Membership of the Bespoke Programs Governance Group is as follows:

  1. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation) (PVCAI), Chair;
  2. Three Head of School nominated by the PVCAI;
  3. Head of Academic Quality Directorate;
  4. Online Growth Strategy Project Director; and
  5. Online Growth Strategy Project Manager.

(14) For longer term governance, a committee will be established to oversee all non-award offerings, including Bespoke Programs and short courses.


(15) The list of available Units for a Bespoke Progam and the UNE Courses in which these Units are offered are identified in the UNE Course and Unit Catalogue (CAUC).  The Bespoke Programs website will be maintained by UNE Marketing.

(16) Use of the UNE name, logos and crest will meet the conditions set out in UNE’s Academic Qualifications Issuance Policy.

Information for Applicants

(17) Applicants will be provided with publicly available, accessible and accurate information with which to make informed decisions regarding enrolment.  Information will include:

  1. Unit content and expected Learning Outcomes;
  2. guidance on admission requirements;
  3. attendance and assessment requirements;
  4. fees, ancillary costs, cancellation advice and refund information;
  5. type of certification to be awarded upon successful completion of the course; and
  6. links to the Admission, Credit and Enrolment Guidelines to identify processes for seeking inclusion of units from Bespoke Programs into UNE award Courses.


(18) Admission to a Bespoke Program is open entry providing an applicant satisfies the University’s English language requirements for admission irrespective of study location or study mode.

(19) Applicants proposing to study online units from an international location are eligible to apply.

(20) Prospective applicants resident in Australia on a visa will be referred to UNE International for assessment of their eligibility to apply based on visa and other regulatory requirements.

(21) International applicants who plan to travel to Australia as part of their enrolment will be responsible for ensuring that they have the appropriate visa for entry.

(22) Applications will be submitted through an online Application Form administered by Student Success.

Advanced Standing

(23) No Advanced Standing will be granted for units offered within Bespoke Programs.

(24) Students planning to progress to other UNE Courses may be eligible for Advanced Standing depending upon individual Course Rules and the Admission, Credit and Enrolment Guidelines.

(25) Students should consult UNE’s Course and Unit Catalogue for Course specific rules and information regarding Advanced Standing.

Assumed Knowledge

(26) Information about required prior knowledge, pre-requisite or co-requisite units for individual Units, will be available to Students through the Bespoke Programs website.

(27) Where a Unit has a Prerequisite or a co-requisite, the Student must initiate a request for a waiver based on the description of prior knowledge expected by the University.  Upon application, the Unit Coordinator will provide a determination of waiver to permit enrolment in the Unit consistent with Clause 19(d) of the General Rules.  The primary responsibility rests with the Student to decide whether they have the necessary prior knowledge to enrol in a Unit.

Enrolment and Progression

(28) Applications for Admission will be administered by Student Success.

(29) Student Success will provide Students with a confirmation of enrolment letter that details the Student’s proposed enrolment.

(30) Upon enrolment, an applicant will be considered a UNE Student and will be subject to all applicable UNE Rules, Policies and Procedures.

(31) A Student who fails a Unit, may repeat the Unit once only, and will be charged the original fee for the Unit. No discount will be given for the re-enrolment in the Unit.

(32) A Student may re-enrol once in a Unit in order to achieve a higher grade and will be charged the current rate for the Unit. No discount will be given for re-enrolment in a Unit.

(33) Students must complete their Bespoke Program within a maximum period of three calendar years from commencement.

Fees and Charges

(34) Bespoke Program fees will be set annually by the Senior Executive and published online.

(35) Invoicing, receipt of payments and refund of fees will be managed by the Financial Performance and Analytical Services in line with other non-award students.

(36) From time to time, a third party provider may offer students a loan agreement.  Any such arrangement will be between the third party and the student, and will be independent of UNE.

Completion and Certification Documents

(37) Students will receive a Certification Document upon satisfactory completion of a Bespoke Program.

(38) An Academic Record (Transcript) will be available to Students in accordance with the Academic Qualifications Issuance Policy, Section 25.

(39) Certification Documents will contain the UNE Logo and Crest and will be signed by the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer or delegated authority.

(40) Students will not be eligible to participate in a University graduation ceremony.

Quality Assurance

(41) UNE’s Plan-Act-Evaluate-Improve quality cycle will be applied to the Bespoke Programs.  The Bespoke Programs Governance Group will consider key academic and financial evaluation outcomes on an annual basis as part of the ongoing improvement of each program.

(42) The Bespoke Programs Governance Group will provide an annual report on key evaluations, including student progression and evaluation results, to the Academic Board Curriculum Committee and to the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor for inclusion in the annual Quality Assurance report to Academic Board.

Records Management

(43) Electronic records are to be retained in accordance with the University’s Records Management Rule.

Authority and Compliance

(44) The Procedure Administrator, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation) makes these Procedures.

(45) UNE Representatives and Students must observe these Procedures in relation to University matters.

(46) These Procedures operate as and from the Effective Date.

(47) Previous Procedures relating to Bespoke Programs are replaced and have no further operation from the Effective Date of these new Procedures.

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Section 4 - Definitions

For the purposes of this Procedure the following definitions apply

(48) Bespoke Programs are non-AQF compliant programs of study, defined as a bundle of units that enables participants to customise a study sequence from a specified schedule of units offered by UNE each trimester (the Bespoke Program Product Specification can be referred to for a detailed product definition)eg:

  1. ‘Fundamental’ Bespoke – comprise two, three or four introductory units.  This bundle is for students planning a new direction, or adding a new set of skills. These units provide a foundation, or ‘base camp’, that may be eligible for progression to a full degree.
  2. ‘Advanced’ Bespoke – comprise two, three or four advanced units, subject to meeting pre-requisites. This bundle is for students adding currency to their existing discipline, or advancing knowledge.
  3. ‘Critical Content’ Bespoke – comprise two, three or four units that allows a student to enrol in units without the cost and time of a full AQF compliant degree.
  4. ‘Mix and Match’ Bespoke – comprise two, three or four units from across the University’s offerings.