Status and Details

Status and Details

This page contains information about the status, approval and implementation of this document, contact details for the relevant Unit Head and document author and, on the right, a brief summary of changes between this and the previous version.

UNE Web Forum, Blog, Wiki and Social Networking Operating Procedures

Status Historic
Effective Date 27th July 2015
Review Date 13th January 2015
Approval Authority Director Information Technology
Approval Date 1st March 2009
Expiry Date 6th June 2017
Unit Head Robert Irving
Director Information Technology
Author Robert Irving
Director Information Technology
Enquiries Contact Information Technology Directorate
+61 2 6773 5000

Summary of Changes from Previous Version

This document was rescinded on 6 June 2017.  Material covered by these procedures is included within the University’s Social Media Policy.

If you wish to access versions of this document that were in effect prior to launch of the UNE Policy Library (27 July 2015) please email