Status and Details

Status and Details

WHS P001 Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) Protocol

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Status Current Indicates if this version of the document is in effect (Current), yet to come into effect (Future), or expired (Historic).
Effective Date 20th September 2016 This is the date on which this version of the document came into effect.
Review Date 21st September 2020 The next review of this document is scheduled to commence on this date.
Approval Authority The noted authority approved this is version of the document.
Approval Date 19th September 2016 This is the date on which this version of the document was approved by the authorised authority.
Expiry Date To Be Advised This is the date on which this version expires. It may still apply, conditionally, after this date.
Unit Head Kirsten Clayton
Director People and Culture
This is the officer generally responsible for day to day administrative matters.
Enquiries Contact People and Culture
+61 2 6773 3705
General enquiries should be directed to the officer/area listed.

Summary of Changes from Previous Version

11 Feb 2019: Minor amendments were made to the document, by way of changes to names and position titles; the inclusion of links to other policy documents, external sources, and approved glossary terms; and, amendments to wording within the Authority and Compliance section of the document (for consistency with other WHS Protocols).

05/03/2021: Division name changed from Human Resource Services Directorate (HRS) to People and Culture (P&C)

16/07/2023: Position name changed from Director People & Culture (DirP&C) to Director People and Culture (DirP&C)

09/04/2024: Division Office of the Chief Legal and Governance Officer (CCLGO) replaced with Office of the Director Governance and University Secretary (OGOV)