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Improving policy at UNE

Thank you! Your ideas will assist us in continuously improving policy at UNE.

Part A - Thinking about your experience when using policy:

(1) Briefly describe why and when you use policy at UNE.

(2) What are your main challenges or pain points using policy at UNE?

(3) What would improve your experience of using policy at UNE?

(4) What would you not change about our approach to policy?

(5) Do you have any ideas from other organisations that you think we would benefit from implementing?

Focusing on policy structure and content:

(6) What could improve the readability of our policy documents?

(7) What could improve the accessibly of our policy documents?

Focusing on our policy website:

(8) What works well on the policy website at UNE and why?

(9) What doesn't work well on the policy website at UNE and why?

(10) If you could only change one thing about the website, what would it be?

Part B - Now a few questions about how you use policy:

(11) Are you involved in the authoring or editing of policy?

(12) Are you responsible for reviewing or provide input into policy reviews?

(13) Do you have a role in the policy approval process?

(14) Is there any thing else you would like to share with the Policy Team that could assist us in improving policy?