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UNE Indigenous Engagement Committee - Call for Submissions from Indigenous Community, Students, and Academic and Professional Staff

As its first formal action, the UNE Indigenous Engagement Committee would like to call for submissions from Indigenous Community, Students, and Academic and Professional Staff on any aspect of Indigenous engagement with UNE.
Your response to free-form questions in the online survey to follow will provide the Committee with ideas about projects, pathways, and short courses to support Indigenous engagement. In addition, the survey provides an option to include any additional information or identify any other opportunity for engagement you may wish to bring to the attention of Committee members.
If you would prefer to submit your responses by email or post, please attach your submission as follows:
- By email to:; or
- By post to:
  Office of the Vice-Chancellor
  University of New England
  Armidale NSW 2351
All submissions are to be received by January 14, 2019. Once submissions have been received and considered, the Committee will develop a workplan, and this will be published on the Committee webpage by March 2019. The Committee will post regular updates on all issues it considers, at its webpage. 
The Committee greatly values your input, and looks forward to your response.