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Summary Descriptions A - Z

You have asked the UNE Policy Library to provide you with access to the summary descriptions for the documents grouped under your letter of choice. You can view the descriptions of other documents by clicking on the fast find letters provided at the top of the page, or go back to the general master list by clicking the link located at the end of the alphabet.

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  • Naming of Facilities at UNE Policy

    The University seeks to recognise persons who have either supported the University through distinguished effort or substantial financial endowment by naming facilities in their honour. This policy governs the procedure for such naming.

  • New Staff Relocation Assistance Policy

    This policy outlines the relocation assistance provided by the University to new staff relocating to commence an appointment with the University. The University recognises that the cost of relocation can be significant and aims to provide assistance in offsetting some of these costs.

  • New Staff Relocation Assistance Procedures

    These procedures provide guidance on the New Staff Relocation Assistance Policy.