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Summary Descriptions A - Z

You have asked the UNE Policy Library to provide you with access to the summary descriptions for the documents grouped under your letter of choice. You can view the descriptions of other documents by clicking on the fast find letters provided at the top of the page, or go back to the general master list by clicking the link located at the end of the alphabet.

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  • Gender Representation on Decision Making and Advisory Committees Policy

    The Policy on Gender Representation on Decision-Making and Advisory Committees aims to achieve increased representation of women in the leadership and membership of decision-making and advisory committees in the University, with the ultimate aim of equal representation.

  • General Password Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to establish a standard for creation of strong passwords and the protection of those passwords.

  • General Rules

    These General Rules are generically applied to the UNE Student population (with some exceptions outlined at Rule 3), covering matters not addressed within specific course rules or academic rules or policies.

  • General Server Security Guidelines

    The purpose of this policy is to establish standards for ITD staff and for any other operational group responsible for server administration for the base configuration of internal server equipment that is owned and/or operated by UNE.

  • Gifts and Benefits Procedures

    These procedures provide guidance on how the Gifts and Benefits Rule should be applied in the course of undertaking official duties as an employee of the University.

  • Gifts and Benefits Rule

    This Rule provides University Representatives a framework to be used in decision making about the offering and receiving of Gifts and Benefits in the course of their official duties.

  • Governing Research Institutes and Centres Policy

    This policy regulates the establishment, administration, approval and review of Research Institutes and Centres. Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) are not covered by this policy as they are subject to different approval mechanisms under the auspices of the Commonwealth Government.

  • Governing Research Institutes and Centres Procedures

    These procedures prescribe the establishment, administration, approval and review of research Institutes and Centres.

  • Graduate Attributes Procedures

    Graduate Attributes Procedures

  • Graduation Procedures

    Graduation Procedures

  • Graduation Rule

    Graduation Rule