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Summary Descriptions A - Z

You have asked the UNE Policy Library to provide you with access to the summary descriptions for the documents grouped under your letter of choice. You can view the descriptions of other documents by clicking on the fast find letters provided at the top of the page, or go back to the general master list by clicking the link located at the end of the alphabet.

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  • Financial Delegations Rule

    The purpose of this policy is to establish and communicate the delegated authority levels for committing University funds.

  • Financial Management Rule

    This Rule outlines UNE's obligations to ensure appropriate and consistent financial and financial risk management for UNE and its controlled entities.

  • Firearms Rule

    This policy outlines the requirements of firearms on the campus.

  • Fraud and Corruption Control Plan

    The purpose of the Fraud and Corruption Control Plan (the Plan) is to implement the University's (UNE) Fraud and Corruption Prevention Rule (the Rule). The Plan establishes an appropriate strategic framework that defines management and staff responsibilities and facilitates the implementation of robust practices for the effective detection, investigation and prevention of fraud and corruption within UNE.

  • Fraud and Corruption Prevention Rule

    This rule is designed to mitigate the University's exposure to maladministration, fraud and corrupt conduct by establishing a governance framework that will identify and reduce the possibility of these type of incidents occurring.

  • Functions of the Vice-Chancellor Rule

    This Rule sets out the functions of the Vice-Chancellor and the authority delegated to the Vice-Chancellor in accordance with Section 17 of the University of New England Act, 1993 (NSW).