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Terms of Reference (Vice-Chancellor approved) - Art Advisory Committee

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Section 1 - Overview

Establishment of Committee

(1) The Art Advisory Committee is established as a Vice-Chancellor's Committee, and the Committee is delegated a number of functions in relation to matters concerning the art collection of the University.

(2) The establishment of this Committee and the delegation of powers to it are actions authorised by the Vice-Chancellor.


(3) To advise the Vice-Chancellor on significant matters relating to acquisition, commissioning and sponsorship of artworks for the University.

(4) To advise the Vice-Chancellor on the management and care of the art collection.

Section 2 - Committee membership


(5) The members of the Committee are as follows:

  1. Vice-Chancellor or nominee
  2. The University Curator
  3. The UNE Art Collection Manager
  4. One academic staff member with expertise in art education
  5. One member external to the University with expertise in the arts or arts practice
  6. One member external to the University to represent the community at large
  7. Additional members may be appointed at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor

In attendance

Official attendees

(6) Any other person invited by the Chair


(7) The Chair is appointed from the membership by the Vice-Chancellor. If the Chair is unavailable to act as Chair then the Vice-Chancellor will act as Chair. If Vice-Chancellor is unavailable to act as Chair then the Committee will elect a Chair to act during the period the Chair and the Vice-Chancellor are unavailable.

Gender representative objectives

(8) The University is committed to gender equality and, so far as is practicable, it is an objective that the Committee membership should comprise a balance of genders.

Term of Office

(9) Members shall serve for a term of two years and may be reappointed for additional terms at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor.

Section 3 - Terms of reference


(10) Assist in the development of the University's collection of art works.

(11) Acquire artworks within the parameters of the approved policy, taking full account of the overall context of the collection.

(12) Review as needed University policies and other instruments, on the acquisition, disposal and lending of artwork. These instruments must ensure that the University has appropriate systems and policies in place to ensure artwork is properly identified, labelled, kept safe, periodically valued and insured.

(13) Extend by all possible means the funds available for the acquisition, preservation, promotion and use of the collection through external grant funding, endowments and sponsorships and other financially viable methods, including the sale of artworks if appropriate.

(14) Encourage in principle and support the inclusion of works of art as part of the University's capital works and refurbishment programs.

(15) Promote a sense of ownership and duty of care for the Collection within the University community.

(16) Liaise with all major bodies as appropriate that focus on art and artists both within the University and the wider arts community.

(17) Establish ties and enhance relations with the New England Regional Art Museum, the New England Art Society, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place, the New England Institute of TAFE and other local and regional arts institutions and organisations.


(18) The Chair of the Committee will report to the Vice-Chancellor on the business conducted by the Committee. Reports will normally be by email and will include minutes of each meeting.

Section 4 - Delegations

Delegation from Vice Chancellor

(19) This committee has delegated authority from the Vice-Chancellor to perform on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor the approval, advice and monitoring functions set out in these terms of reference and all matters ancillary to those functions. The Vice-Chancellor retains the discretion to withdraw, modify or override this delegation at any time.

Section 5 - Conduct of Committee business


(20) The Committee will meet a minimum of two times per year and is expected to use technology and "flying minutes" to attend to urgent matters. "Flying minutes" will be distributed by email which will include a stated deadline for response. Committee members are expected to be available on short notice, however should be given as much notice as is practicable in the circumstances of matters arising.

Business papers

(21) Unless the Chair directs otherwise, Committee business papers, or "flying minutes" and explanatory documents accompanying them, will be distributed to Committee members as required and with as much notice as is practicable in the circumstances. Disclosure of business papers, minutes and other information received by the Committee should be made via the Chair or Secretary to the Committee.


(22) A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the members of the Committee at the time the meeting is held.

Use of technology

(23) For its business papers, meetings and otherwise to conduct its business the Committee and its members may use technology including telephone, video-conferencing, telepresence, email and internet as arranged by the Chair and/or Committee Secretary.


(24) The Committee may pass a resolution by "flying minute" provided that the resolution has been approved by a simple majority of the Committee members at the time the resolution is made.


(25) Meeting notes will be kept to a minimum and circulated promptly following the meeting, including all action items. These will not require formal endorsement by the Committee.

Disclosure of information

(26) Disclosure of business papers, minutes and other information received by the Committee should be made via the Chair or Secretary to the Committee.


(27) Once every twelve-month period, the Committee shall devote at least one part of one meeting to the review of its policies, practices and procedures over the preceding 12 months.

Secretary to Committee

(28) The UNE Art Collection Manager will act as secretary and provide administrative support to the Committee.