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UNE Policy Library Glossary

The UNE Policy Library Glossary is a list of terms and their standard definitions for policies, procedures and guidelines.  Our Glossary is currently being developed and will be available for use in late 2017.  During the Glossary's development, please rely on the definitions of terms located at the bottom of each UNE Policy document.  We will advise the University community as soon as the Glossary takes effect.

Please contact the Policy and Governance Unit if you require further information.


Mandatory Intensive School

Is an Intensive School that provides learning outcomes that cannot be achieved in any other way. All students enrolled in a unit or course must attend, exemption is possible under the most limited of circumstances

Mobility Program

Is any program approved and coordinated by the University that involves students undertaking an overseas experience.


Is the process of ensuring that different markers of the same assessment task consistently apply assessment criteria in a marking scheme, and that marks are allocated consistently with reference to how well the stipulated criteria are met.