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UNE Policy Library Glossary

The UNE Policy Library Glossary is a list of terms and their standard definitions for policies, procedures and guidelines.  Our Glossary is currently being developed and will be available for use in late 2017.  During the Glossary's development, please rely on the definitions of terms located at the bottom of each UNE Policy document.  We will advise the University community as soon as the Glossary takes effect.

Please contact the Policy and Governance Unit if you require further information.


Impairment Loss

The amount by which the carrying amount of an asset exceeds its recoverable amount.

Impairment Loss (of an Asset)

The amount by which the carrying amount of an asset exceeds its recoverable amount.

In Absentia

Is when an award is conferred on a student without their presence at a Graduation Ceremony.

In Person

Means physically co-located or present by electronic means.

In Writing

Means by letter, email or fax.

Inbound Student

Is an international student participating in a Student Mobility Program at UNE.

Informal Learning

Is learning gained through work, social, family or leisure activities and experiences. Unlike Formal or non-Formal learning, Informal Learning is not organised or externally structured in terms of objectives, time or learning support

Inherent Requirements

Are the fundamental parts of a course or unit that must be met by all students.  They are the abilities, knowledge and skills needed to complete a course.

Intensive School

Is a mode of teaching and learning that brings students together at a particular physical or virtual location for a period of intensive interactive learning experiences. This term encompasses all types of Intensive School, whether held on or off campus or online.