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UNE Policy Library Glossary

The UNE Policy Library Glossary is a list of terms and their standard definitions for policies, procedures and guidelines.  Our Glossary is currently being developed and will be available for use in late 2017.  During the Glossary's development, please rely on the definitions of terms located at the bottom of each UNE Policy document.  We will advise the University community as soon as the Glossary takes effect.

Please contact the Policy and Governance Unit if you require further information.


Elite Athlete

Is a student who is identified and recognised by one of the following organisations as an Elite Athlete representing Australia, or a State or Territory of Australia:

Australian Institute of Sport
State Institutes or Academies of Sport
Australian Cricketers' Association
Rugby Union Players' Association
AFL Players Association
Rugby Union Players' Association
Rugby League Professionals' Association
Australian Professional Footballers' Association
alternatively, they must be a national squad member from Australian Sports Commission funded sports

Emergency Service Volunteer

Is any staff member or student who is registered as a member of any formally endorsed state, territory or federal emergency services or humanitarian organisation or other competent authority under a State Disaster Plan.

Exclusion or Excluded

Means a student, for a fixed period of time, is denied enrolment at the University in a unit and/or a course and/or the University and/or they are excluded from entering the University's premises or any defined part of the University premises or engaging in an activity as a student. Excluded students do not have an automatic right of re-admission.


Is when a student has demonstrated competence in the learning outcomes of a unit such that they are not required to complete that unit but are required to complete another unit of the same credit point value.

Expulsion or Expelled

Is the permanent separation of a student from the University.